Could Liberian Opposition Political Leader Benoni Urey Change His Nation?

                                ALP’s Presidential candidate Urey sitting and talking on the phone

New York – The leader of one of Liberia’s main political opposition parties, entrepreneur Benoni Urey says, “Leaders Must be Servants, Not Masters, of the People.”

The All Liberian Party’s (ALP) presidential candidate stated in his annual holiday message to Liberians that their country can become a prosperous and developed nation only when political leaders change their ‘master mentality’ and become servants of the people.

Ben Urey of the ALP

Speaking during the New Year’s holiday season in the Liberian capital Monrovia, Mr. Urey said: “A healthy and prosperous life continues to elude most of our citizens, not because they are not working hard, but because they toil in a country that has reserved the best for people who misrule them because officials of government make decisions that affect the lives of all citizens.”

He said, “Government officials asked us to make sacrifices by paying more taxes, take less money home, go to unlicensed health centers with untrained workers, and send our children to inferior schools and colleges.”

Populist economic Analysts and political commentators in Europe and North America have begun giving Mr. Urey a serious look as someone who could redirect Liberia from darkness to a brighter light based on his consistency in speaking out against the self-inflicted economic ills bedeviling the country and its people.

A Washington, DC’s insider also said, “the guy looks and sounds serious and consistent. He may have had some short comings based hearsay, but we do believe he needs a serious look as a great leader who stands for real change and what is right.”

Per sources, talks within Prime Minister May’s UK and some parts of Europe seem to point to Urey as being on the radar as a serious and credible opposition politician in Liberia.

A top European source told Globe Afrique Media that “opposition work in any country should be about seeking compromise when it is necessary and essential for the common good of the nation and not when it is convenient for an individual.”

Dr. Jallah Allen Barbu, New Liberia Party emerging strong

“We in Europe are following development in West Africa, including Liberia. And what we have found is that few opposition leaders in the country including Urey remain consistent and honest,” she said.

Liberia is currently in a deep recession and majority of Liberians who are out of work seem to be bearing the brute of the economic dismay.

Urey is opposed to the way the Liberian government is imposing stringent austerity measures.

“Austerity measures cannot only be directed at ordinary citizens while officials of government continue to live extravagant lifestyles, Urey said.

He maintained that “While Liberians are making sacrifices, government officials have not taken pay cuts in salaries and benefits, instead they take more money home to support their luxurious lifestyles, seeking medical attention abroad and sending their children and political allies to the best schools in the world at the expense of the Liberian people.”

Four other Liberian presidential candidates who are said to be on the radar in Western nations are New Liberia Party’s (NLP) presidential candidate Dr. Jallah A. Barbu, a professor of law at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia and a research scholar at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, USA; Alternative National Congress (ANC) presidential candidate Mr. Alexander Cummings, Liberty Party’s presidential and veteran corporate lawyer, Counsellor Charles Walter Brumskine, and the current Vice President and presidential candidate of the ruling Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boikai.

Based on the last Globe Afrique Media’s opinion polling, Ambassador Boakai (the current VP) had the edge, followed by Dr. Jallah Allen Barbu, Mr. Benoni Urey, Mr. Alexander Cummings and Counsellor Charles W. Brumskine.  The other presidential candidates are, so far, seem to be inconsequential.

Liberian Presidential Candidates

New Poll on Liberia’s presidential election will come out soon, by early February 2017. To see the most recent poll, visit our politics tap on the top and browse to opinion poll.


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Ben Mabande

Ben Mabande is a researcher and senior contributing reporter with Globe Afrique Media.
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