Dozens of African immigrants storm Moroccan border fence with Spain

RABAT, Morocco – Poverty, corruption and bad governance force illegal migration from sub-Sahara African countries in droves.

Last weekend, dozens of illegal Sub-Saharan African immigrants tried on Sunday to storm through the border fence between the North African nation of Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melillia, according to an official MAP news agency reports.

The public forces of Morocco intervened and arrested 40 illegal immigrants while 50 others climbed the guarded fence to enter Melillia, MAP report said.

Additional sources say a total of seven members of the Moroccan public forces and two Sub-Saharan immigrants were injured and rushed into nearby provincial hospital.

Over the past few decades, several thousands of illegal from Africa immigrants continuously try to enter Ceuta and Melilla each year, hoping to get a better life in Europe. Both cities have six-meter-high border wire fences separating them from Morocco.

Some immigrants said they are leaving because their leaders and governments are inept and corrupt.  Some Western diplomats and several United Nations agencies also corroborate the assertions of the African migrants.

It is also reported that some donors are accusing a number of African countries of misapplying donors’ funds while simultaneously bent on filing their personal private accounts and amassing wealth and properties at the expense of their people and countries.

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