Evidence of President Sirleaf’s election interference surfaces

ONTARIO, Canada – For all the denials and the news headlines about interference in the October 10, 2017, presidential election by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and co, there are now sufficient hard evidence which are coming to light, at least publicly, showing that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or her team were involved as masterminds.

Apart from ballot boxes being stuffed, elections magistrates being bribed and the chairman of the National Election Commission being incompetent and compromised, there are disturbing pieces of communication allegedly suggesting that President Sirleaf, her son Robert Sirleaf and Robert’s inner circle of friends and special relations, being part and parcel of certainly corrupting the October 10 presidential process.

Amara Konneh, an inseparable friend of the Sirleafs
President Sirleaf and her beloved son, Robert

If the available evidence of President Sirleaf’s former finance minister, Amara Konneh, a young man made very wealthy by the Sirleaf administration, had not come to light suggesting the President’s total involvement in the electoral process, who would have believed that President Sirleaf has no good intention in leaving office?

The fact is, Amara Konneh supposed to be engaged in his “World Bank” gig ensuring that states are not fragile. But the alleged emails exchanges involving him defeats the purpose of the job for which the World Bank has hired him because electoral fraud and irregularities are grounds for any states of being fragile.

When people interfere in the election to cheat, it does not matter which candidate is cheated or supported, it has negative implications and provides a room for fragility in countries.  According to sources, President Sirleaf runs a setup made up of Robert’s allies and special friends who have done everything and continue to do whatever to ensure that they have the presidential election following their dictates.

Below are emails exchanges demonstrating how the October 10 election was interfered with to a large extent.

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Blama G. Konuwah

Blama G. Konuwah resides in Vancouver, Canada. He is a public issues analyst and senior contributor to Globe Afrique.

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