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Ex-Warlord Taylor’s Money To Influence Liberia’s 2017 Election, CDC Compromised

Credible international sources revealed that ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor has begun influencing the political landscape of Liberia with the infusion of money. Taylor is also using his sub regional connections to achieve his plan, which includes promising the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) top leadership millions of dollars to allegedly accommodate Senator Jewel Howard Taylor in carrying out the plan.

Per reliable sources, Taylor, an ex-warlord currently jailed in the UK for war crimes and crimes against humanity, has begun using his former’s allies as well as his friends and immediate family, including his wife, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor to penetrate and secure the 2017 Liberia’s presidential election.

Experts say Taylor’s wife, Jewel Howard Taylor is the plan’s chief  implementer.   Senator Taylor has formed a coalition with the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) of soccer star, George Weah.

An international security analyst in New York confirmed that Taylor’s wife, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor is one of the suspected conduit by which the former NPFL’s leader will determine the outcome of the Liberian election in 2017.

Ex-warlord Charles Taylor
Ex-warlord Charles Taylor

Highly placed global security experts who talked to Globe Afrique Media say the ex-Liberian leader is concentrating on using his former allies, but some of those allies are not forthcoming, so he has turned to his wife, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor.

The plan is ,if the former associates gain state power, Taylor expects to be granted some leniency and eventually request for his release by the incoming Liberian administration.

The sources maintained that Senator Taylor and others’ knowledge of the plan to have ex-president Taylor is laughable.  However, Taylor and team have identify the Congress for Democratic as the vehicle to use. Top leadership of the CDC are eager to obtain some of Taylor resources.

The sources say the leadership of the CDC has been promised millions of dollars to recruit a close affiliate of the ex-president either as a presidential candidate or running-mate.

Though it is yet to be confirmed, western security analysts have identified the ex-Liberian leader’s wife, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor as the mastermind. It is alleged that the leader of the CDC political party in Liberia is being courted.

In another development, another security analyst say a certain Liberian political party is said to have received or is seeking funding from shadowy wealthy individuals in the Middle East to push a religious agenda in the country.   The analyst indicated that vehicles and other material support have already been provided for the Party’s political process.

Latest sources say there are serious attempts to have the international community engage in this development to prevent the use of ‘blood money’ in a democratic process.

Mr. Alan White, a renowned prosecutor of war crime cases and the man who facilitated the indictment against President Taylor is on record as saying these events about the ex-warlord’s involvement in the politics of Liberia are factual.

These revelations could put the Congress for Democracy Change’s leadership and the entire party in the bad books of the international community.  One western political analyst opined that the CDC’s leader George Weah’s merger and affiliation reveals more about him as a serious and knowledgeable politician.

There are also serious moves to have the victims of Taylor’s crimes in Sierra Leone sue the former Liberian leader to ascertain some of his stolen wealth as compensation for their injuries and pains.

The ex-Liberian warlord is believed to have a net worth of more than US$5 billion dollars in various bank accounts.   Some of his assets are currently being managed by old friends in the form of businesses, both in and outside of Liberia.

Latest: Taylor’s wife and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) party could face tough international backlash, as calls for sanction against the use of ‘blood diamond’ wealth in politics are growing in international circles.

Globe Afrique Media is checking with the US State Department and the UN Security Council for their response.

More development on the story soon.

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