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First Secretary Strikes Back at Lying Ex-Ambassador Sheriff

In an apparent attempt to lay the fact straight, two Liberian diplomats stationed at the Liberian mission in the UK have termed as fake news, cheap propaganda and lies spread by Liberia’s former ambassador to London, Mohammed Sheriff, who they referred to as a poster, liar, fake and dishonest character. Below is the written statement from the First Secretary and Consul at the Liberian Mission in the United Kingdom, Mr. J. Napoleon Toquie, II.

Don’t MESS WITH THE ZOHAN! The First Secretary & Consul STRIKES BACK with a stinging REBUTTAL”


I have read several articles in local Liberia newspapers based on FAKE NEWS provided by Mr. Mohammed Sheriff under the caption: Two Liberian Diplomats Expelled by UK Government; with serious disappointments.

First, my full name is J. Napoleon Toquie, II and not Jay Napoleon Toquie, II as reported some of those local Liberian newspapers and others in their publications.

Moreover, the papers should have asked Mr. Mohammed Sheriff, who refers to himself as Dr. Sheriff.  I challenge him to give the name of the college or university he claims to have gotten his doctoral degree from, anywhere in the world, then we will all contact that institution to make sure. Also, the reporting journalists should have asked Mr. Sheriff to tell them how did he get the information.

Accordingly, former Ambassador Sheriff, who was recalled and dismissed from the government in September 2017, claimed that he has resigned and did not receive the communication. Remember, Mr. Sheriff is posting as Ambassador to London and anyone dealing with him in this capacity is doing so illegally.

Also, this indicates that Mr. Sheriff (a Sierra Leonean national – from the Mende ethnic group – falsely claiming Liberian citizenship of the Vai tribe) is in contact with Mr. Barry Nicholas of the United Kingdom’s FCO, UK, giving false and misleading information about us (the staff at the mission) and the Embassy. After he was recalled and subsequently replaced by Ambassador-At-Large Ibrahim K. Nyei, who commenced work at the Embassy in London on October 1, 2017, he (Sheriff) has denied everyone access to both the Ambassador’s residence and Ambassador’s Office.

Mr. Sheriff has refused to turn the keys over. Mr. Sheriff also has in his possession the Embassy’s Representation Vehicle LIB-1, posing as the Liberian Ambassador. He also has the Embassy’s two Seals and took three visas booklets from the office with series numbers 235-238. He has taken with him documents from the files of the Embassy, using them with the official Embassy’s Letterhead papers.

I hope people understand the relevance of the situation and the criminal nature and actions demonstrated by Mr. Sheriff in London.

Mr. Sheriff also has in his possession all properties DEEDS of the Mission. We, the staff, do not know what he will do next, knowing the type of unpredictable and dishonest character he is. He could sell the government’s properties.

Regarding the issue of the rent, Mr. Sheriff has also provided false and misleading information for the fact that he tried to meet with my landlords to strike a deal for percentage and/or commission from the rent. We also understood that Mr. Sheriff prepared his own lease agreement when he was in Italy claiming rental payment was never the case, thereby stealing from the Liberian government while ambassador to Rome, Italy.  He fought one of his embassy’s employees in Italy while on duty. He also made sure that another employee of the embassy was put in prison by the U.S. Government by giving false information.  In addition, he lied to many other staff members at the embassy in Rome, Italy, and in London, his last posting.  He is good at making up dirty lies and ensuring that people believe him.  But he is now exposed and everyone in Liberia and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has come to know the liar he is.

The true because I refused to bring my landlord to the Embassy for him (Sheriff) to meet and discuss his demands (of making fake rental agreements that would have exploited the Liberian government and people), so he decided to tarnish my reputation along with that of another embassy senior staff.

Of course, my landlord refused to deal with Mr. Sheriff or anyone because the lease agreement is not between them and him or the government of Liberia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia was informed about the matter.

During a Liberian Community occasion in Italy, Mr. Sheriff fought and stabbed one Liberian with a knife. Members of the community wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia. It was also reported that Mr. Sheriff, on several occasions, was involved in black deeds and money laundering. He was arrested by the Italian Police. Source:  the Italian Police.

On the issue of “Alleged involvement of taking Liberians to the UK”, this is also another lie spread by Mr. Sheriff who is noted for not telling the truth and faking things. Everything Mr. Sheriff wrote about is things he does over the years and continues to do.  Once anyone opposes his crooked behaviors, he finds a way to spread made-up lies about him or her, thereby destroying their good reputation.  Mr. Sheriff has gotten by with this kind of behavior because many people did not really know his dark side and some that really know him did not want to be bothered with him.

The date of January 8, 2018, was also misquoted by Mr. Sheriff who has been lying on the staff of the Liberian Mission to the UK to people in the UK’s foreign office about things that he (Sheriff does) but instead claims others are doing.  At first, the UK government did not know much about him, but now they know that he is a phony.  This issue is being handled by our UK legal representatives and a decision is expected to be made soon. Mr. Sheriff has been giving lots of misinformation to Mr. Barry Nicholas of the UK’s FCO just to see us affected by things we have no knowledge about.

On the issue of the perceived notion that he (Sheriff) is very difficult to work with, it is true. Mr. Sheriff is criminal-minded and wants to impose his criminal ideas or ways on people.  He started and carried on this criminal behavior in Rome, Italy for a long time unnoticed, lying on other embassy staff and foreign investors who disagreed with his criminal actions both to other foreigners and to the officials at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia.  For us in London, his criminal behavior and lies were totally unacceptable to us as professional people.  We urge everyone to please check Mr. Sheriff’s records in all the places he has worked, with all the people he has hurt, lied on and worked with.

Mohammed Sheriff and Chares Taylor.  Mohammed Sheriff has been lobbying for the release of Taylor since he came to the UK.

At John F. Kennedy Medical Centre, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Transport, the Liberian Consulate in Rome, Italy and of course, the Embassy of Liberia in London.  He has not left any good image and record in any of those places. Here in the UK, he was forced out of office for clandestine behavior.

Mr. Sheriff is on records as a member of several rebel groups, including the dissolved National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group of Charles Taylor, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group of Sierra Leone among others.  He gained so-called political prominence when he served in the Gyude Bryant-led government’s Transitional Legislative Assembly of the LNTGL in 2005, representing a rebel faction and a religious ideology.

Apart from going on the BBC’s “Focus On Africa” calling for the release of Taylor, Mr. Sheriff has been traveling and contacting people with whom he and others who associated with the Sierra Leone blood diamond trade did business with so that they all can advocate and spend money for the eventual release of Charles Taylor who he abandoned when he saw that Taylor was arrested for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Mr. Sheriff has also been lying to former business associates in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that Taylor will be after the ongoing Liberian presidential election.

Historically, Mr. Sheriff is not a legitimate Liberian citizen.  He is from a migrant family from Sierra Leone and is a Mende, a tribe from an area bordering Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. Every Vai and Gola person of substance from Grand Cape Mount County knows that Mr. Sheriff is neither of those tribes.  But Liberia being a country where any migrant from neighboring West African state can falsely claim citizenship at will, Mr. Sheriff, a Sierra Leonean migrant, managed to reach an ambassadorial level not because he is qualified and experienced foreign service official but because he was a part of various rebel groups that took state power in addition to his habitual attitude of deception and lying shamelessly to anyone to achieve his shadow objectives of defrauding people.

So he played on both sides and lies on both sides.  He was a member of Charles Taylor’s NPFL rebels in Liberia and also a member of Foday Sankoh’s RUF rebels in Sierra Leone, but ended up in Liberia because Foday Sankoh’s RUF was not successful in taking power like Taylor’s NPFL did in Liberia.

He is also on records for bringing fake receipts requesting for refunds from the Embassy; even receipts from McDonald’s for food he consumes.  I have in my possession few documents as proof of the false information provided by Mr. Sheriff over the years while serving in London.


J. Napoleon Toquie, II
First Secretary & Consul

Liberian Mission, UK

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