George Weah Plans to Assemble the Worst Cabinet in Liberian History

Whenever there is a change in power, one can expect a new administration to stumble with its first cabinet picks. But in the case of Senator George Manneh Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change, we see more than just a stumble. We see an administration whose ‘First Appointment Listing’ is rife with individuals who are grossly unqualified. Moreover, the alleged list of potential ministers and directors presents a clear and present danger to the stewardship of the Republic of Liberia.

Reliable sources within the Coalition for Democratic Change contacted Globe Afrique on a private line and emailed an alleged copy of Senator George Manneh Weah’s potential cabinet picks.

Let’s look at examples of individuals who will hold sensitive positions in Senator Weah’s administration and inquire on their education and work experiences.

  • Jefferson T. Koigee – Minister, National Defense,
  • Prof. Wilson Tarpeh – Executive Governor, Central Bank of Liberia
  • Mulbah K. Morlu – Director of NSA

If the above names do not strike you as the beginning of the inevitable failure of a CDC-led government, perhaps, the following names might complete your trip into Liberia’s leadership abyss.

  • Moses Acarous Gray – Minister of Foreign Affairs Need I remind our readers that Representative Gray was once photographed in the legislature engaged in a verbal lashing with other lawmakers.
  • Sekou Kalasco Damaro – Presidential Press Secretary
  • Nathaniel McGill – Managing Director, LPRC

Globe Afrique made several attempts to validate the “First Appointment Listing” document attached to this article. Unfortunately, Globe Afrique did not receive any response from CDC.

As voters head to the polls on October 10, 2017, perhaps the questions to all Presidential candidates should be the following:

  • Do you have a shadow government in place?
  • Who will head the Ministry of Finance?
  • Who will head the Ministry of Education?

Globe Afrique will continue to pursue this story until there’s confirmation or denial from the Coalition for Democratic Change.

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