President Weah's First 100 Days








  •  Are there new policies to create jobs?
  • The unemployment rate stands around 85% – what’s the strategy to address this problem?
  • Any new policies to change Unity Party’s strategy and platform?
  • How many good paying jobs will the administration create by the end of 2018?


How did the administration address systemic corruption and the rule of law?

  • Asset declaration
  • Vetting political appointees
  • Auditing key ministries
  • Enforcing the rule of law across the country
  • Addressing property rights
  • How did the administration address weaknesses in the judicial system?



  • How will the Administration address taxes
  • Liberia’s individual income and corporate tax rates are 25%.
  • Government spending adds up to around 36½ percent of GDP.
  • How will the Administration address the 6¼ percent average budget deficits?
  • Liberia’s debt distress is moderate but very close to high – any new policies on debt sustainability?
  • How is the administration addressing the falling Liberian Dollar
  • Any new policies on increasing foreign direct investment?
  • Any new macroeconomic policies to address inflation?
  • Any new policies to address economic diversification?