Globe Afrique Media Warns Rodney Sieh of FrontPage Africa

Rodney Sieh,

TAKE NOTICE, your intentional misrepresentation of facts and research articles published by Globe Afrique as “fake news” and ascribing an exposé called  “The Real Deceivers” to me (Larry Kennedy) and not the true writers, all under the pretext of an opinion piece is, as former agriculture Minister J. Chris Toe stated in his 2010 libel complaint against you (Rodney Sieh) “a deliberate attack on ‘our’ integrity and moral character intended to disgrace, degrade and reduce ‘our’ good character or reputation among ‘our’ peers and friends and the public or international community at large.”

Moreover, your callous attempt to harm our magazine by saying it is “compromise” and implying that, “original opinion pieces aired by Globe Afrique are written by fictional characters…and these authors have no presence on social media” is at a minimum, absurd!

Consider this, is Mr. Jerry Wehtee Wion, who also writes for FrontPage Africa, a “fictional character”?

Additionally, are Martin Kollie, Cllr. Sayma Cephus of the Coalition, Alfred P Kiadii, Dr. Bartum Kulah, Elder Siahyonkron Nyanseor, Peter Pay Yarkasah, and Wade Williams all fictional characters?

Is Father Peter Konteh,  Sierra Leonean Catholic priest, executive director of Caritas Freetown, and vice president of Caritas Africa, all affiliates of Caritas International a fictional character? Or, are you inferring that if you, Sieh, don’t recognize the name(s) of our writers, then they are imaginary?

I don’t believe you are purportedly compensated enough to purchase the title of ‘I decide who writes for Globe Afrique’ to endeavor in defining our writers. Remember, WE ARE GLOBE AFRIQUE – NOT LIBERIA AFRIQUE!!!

Rodney, you MUST elevate your standing by rejecting the Sirleafs, Riva Levinson and their co-conspirators alleged attempts to pimp-out FrontPage Africa every time they need to slight their critics.

As you stated in your August 30, 2013, opinion piece in the New York Times (Jailed for Journalism), “So long as Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf’s advisers can tell the courts how to rule, the government will continue to intimidate the press at home while maintaining an undeserved positive image abroad.” Today, your bizarre display of Stockholm Syndrome to your former captors and intimidators by attacking Globe Afrique is misguided, and your asinine attempt did not go unnoticed.

One may infer that the rise of Globe Afrique in Liberia and its amelioration of differentiated articles is a threat to the local lenses you have long relied on is at risk. As we expand our reporting across the globe, we will continue to lend voices to the voiceless without having to charge them a fee or allow our reporting to be pimped-out.

Finally, it is quite apparent – you know absolutely nothing about Larry Kennedy. For one, I am a firm believer in the Mosaic Law jus talionis. Next time you are approached to write or publish a misguided opinion piece about Larry Kennedy or Globe Afrique – do yourself a favor and read this response again or show common courtesy and contact us.


//Larry Kennedy

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