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How a “Harvard Student” was deceived and exposed by a faulty app, “Grammarly.”

My Official Response to Ms. Hellen Momoh on her charges of Bullying, Plagiarism, and Grammatical Errors

By Martin K. N. Kollie

Youth and Student Activist,  

This gone week was too tight and multitasking for me. I had a lot of personal and professional duties to accomplish in time. Hence, Ms. Hellen Momoh had enough amenities to woo or seduce a number of social media followers into pettiness. Let me take a few minutes to deconstruct her wild claims and frail charges, which this CDC-led government is using as spiteful propaganda against my person in various newspapers. This propaganda of me bullying women is too weak and mawkish to survive in any conscious environment.

Instead of proffering a more concrete antithesis or rebuttal to my 5-page letter, I wrote to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres about declining press freedom and democracy in Liberia, this government through Ms. Momoh chose to peddle in outright deceit and distort THE FACTS in an unimaginable pattern.

These are sentimental and unjust charges (injusta onera sentimental) from Ms. Hellen Momoh against my person: Bullying – Plagiarism – and Grammar Errors. Did this “Student of Harvard” know what she was actually saying? This is a point to ponder over as Ms. Momoh struggles to inflate her fake academic stature and role in history at my expense.

Hellen Siah Sayan-Momoh

I am compelled to respond to Ms. Momoh not because we are academic or intellectual peers, but because of these fundamental reasons cited below:

  1. She has misrepresented THE FACTS about my person
  2. She often claims to be a student of Harvard University which is untrue
  3. She is being used by CDC as a mischievous conduit of distortion and distraction.

The faulty ‘grammar app’ didn’t only deceive Ms. Hellen Momoh but exposed the height of her weakness and emptiness. This is a formal response to the feeble charges and wild claims made by her against my person:

  1. I did not bully Inspector General Josephine Davies as claimed. Like I have done to a few public officials, especially males, I only critiqued Ms. Davies’s grammar and cautioned her to step up because of her high-profile role as a senior official of government. Global icons and leading feminists like Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel have been criticized for poor grammar and even misspelling.

It is normal to critique public officials, including women, for poor grammatical constructs. This happens everywhere and in any academic society. In fact, it is a global phenomenon. Sadly, it is a taboo only in Liberia and is described or branded as BULLYING, ENVY, and HATRED. The Inspector-General of MOCI was the very first female official in government for me to have publicly critiqued relative to poor grammar. It is sad that Ms. Momoh is yet to decipher or distinguish between CRITICISM and BULLYING.

She said, ‘I have bullied women.’ Where, when, and how besides me critiquing Ms. Davies’s grammar? Let me state for the record that the feminist theory or the doctrine of feminism does not require immune or preclude women in leadership from criticisms. Where was Hellen Momoh when Jestina Taylor and Telia Urey were bullied and physically attacked by pro-Weah fanatics while she (Hellen) campaigned for CDC Candidate Paulita Wie? 

Where was Hellen Momoh when Kula Fofana, Estelle Liberty, and Tetee Gebro were publicly abused and cyberbullied by CDCians and officials of this same government? I had to publicly come in their defense to put an end to these unwholesome attacks against them. I have written dozens of papers and analyses in defense of women, girls, and children.

I fought to save the eyes of a young woman who was going blind as a result of police brutality, and I ensured she was given a resettlement package of over L$150,000. Through my advocacy, millions of LRD were raised to sponsor young women in school. Global support to Liberian girls increased because of a letter I wrote to Malia and Sasha Obama in 2016. I have feedback in my possession to prove this.

I have provoked and inspired UN Women and other pro-Women organizations to invest more in girls and women – and to put an end to rape and GBV through my write-ups and speeches. The records are endless to prove!

So, the charge of BULLYING levied against me by Ms. Hellen Momoh is not only frail and pathetic but has no basis. I have not and will never bully any woman. What I did to Josephine Davies was an open-minded critique intended to breed improvement. I addressed her as a public official, and not as a private citizen. As a public official, she represents us and her output/performance portrays the image of our Country. Hence, she must be up to the task!

Feminism does not tolerate incompetence. It emboldens EXCELLENCE and MERIT. I take no responsibility if my stance and thoughts were or have been misinterpreted by a self-proclaimed student of Harvard University.

  • Ms. Momoh was again deceived by this imprecise “grammar app” to have made another wild claim that my letter had “36 percent plagiarism”. This is the wittiest conclusion anyone can imagine from a so-called “research” conducted by Ms. Momoh. The vagueness of this other “research” is too aching to stomach.

In my 5-page write-up, I did reference or credit everyone, including authentic sources, I ever quoted. In my letter, I said what has been happening and outlined a number of verbal attacks against THE PRESS by some senior officials of government. For instance, I said, “President George M. Weah described critics and vocal media outlets as ENEMIES OF THE STATE in June 2018 while on a tour in Bong and Nimba Counties.”

How does this equate to plagiarism or “36 percent plagiarism”? Probably, Ms. Momoh needs to reread and digest my letter from a more objective lens. With a 100% aid from a fake “grammar app,” Hellen claimed to have detected a number of plagiarized lines in my write-up. Sadly, she along with her borrowed brain (the faulty app) is yet to answer a number of hard questions I have asked and continue to ask:

  1. From whom did I plagiarize (original authors and authentic sources);
  2. When and where were my “plagiarized lines” first published;
  3. Does Ms. Momoh care to provide proof(s) to substantiate her wild and clueless claims? 

The “app” failed Ms. Momoh on this one. At least this ‘app’ told her that I passed the “plagiarism test” by 64%, which is even more pitiful on her part to surmise. I am not a genius and have never claimed to be one.  How I hope Ms. Momoh could use her own brain instead of depending on an inaccurate app to deceive herself and her readership.

Even a student who doesn’t profess to be in Harvard University could do better. Hence, Hellen’s second charge of “PLAGIARISM” against me is malnourished and runs contrary to the principles of academia. 

  • Again, Hellen’s app failed to identify and correct what she termed as “Grammatical Errors.” Can Hellen justify or defend what “Grammarly App” has given her as errors? Let me just deal with a few of those so-called “errors.”

For instance, Grammarly underlined in red “..emboldens peace” in my lines and said PRONOUN PROBLEM. Where is the pronoun or pronoun problem in “..emboldens peace”.  “Emboldens” is a verb, while “Peace” is a noun. For me, I will use my own brain to checkmate Hellen and ‘Grammarly App.’

I said, “We implore you to bestow ‘same’ upon distinguished members of the Security Council..”. The “Grammarly App” underlined “same” and said DETERMINER USE IS INCORRECT. Is “same” in this sentence and context a Determiner? “Same” in this context is a pronoun substituting the noun or noun clause “..our compliments and best wishes..”.

Hellen’s app did not give her the appropriate corrections, which is SAD on her part. This is what makes her ‘app’ fake and faulty. But I will release full corrections to the errors made by she and her ‘app.’

Hellen wrote, “…my research discovered 87 grammatical mistakes and 36 per cent plagiarism in your write-up.”

Ms. Momoh claimed to have done research, but she didn’t state or give credit to the source(s) of her research. This is the highest form of plagiarism. Does Ms. Momoh know the meaning of RESEARCH in fact? Are her conclusions and/or thoughts about my write-up based on the systematic and creative investigation? Aren’t her discoveries and interpretations flawed? Of course, they are. No genuine student of Harvard does research in this tragic manner.

Unable to refute the content of my letter and provide any reasonable defense for CDC though she continues to lie about her status as a student of Harvard University, Ms. Momoh shockingly embarked on a grammar spree by leeching on a faulty and imprecise grammar-checking tool “GRAMMARLY” or whatever robotic grammar checker she may have used.

This has even sized up Hellen’s brain. Now we know the source and size of her brain. Thanks to “GRAMMARLY,” but does Hellen know what this app gave her as “errors” even though it did not give her the appropriate corrections to what it termed as errors? This self-proclaimed student of Harvard University seems to be a direct opposite of what this prestigious Ivy League University espouses or professes to be.

I just received two (2) separate invitations to serve as a panelist from prominent pro-women and pro-children organizations (YOCEL and Protect the Children) as a result of my advocacy for women, children, and youth. So, how can I bully women or any woman for that matter?

I hope CDC can find someone stronger and better to respond to my analyses next time because Ms. Momoh is more of a juvenile to do so! Growth is gradual and not instantaneous. That’s why her brain had to depend on a faulty grammar “app” wholly. Any student who solely operates on a borrowed brain, especially one that is robotic (grammar app), cannot pride himself or herself with the accolade of an academic.

About The Author:

Martin K. N. Kollie is a youth and student activist. He is an avowed defend of women and children’s rights. E-mail:

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