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How to submit a guest opinion to Globe Afrique

Globe Afrique firmly believes in offering space to people who are not journalists and lacks the money to pay to have their story published. Our readers are sophisticated and understand the world we live in far better than we imagine. We invite readers to submit articles directly to Globe Afrique covering healthcare, education, environmental issues, entertainment, economics, and politics.

Globe Afrique Guest Opinions offer readers a platform to make an argument, delivered in the author’s voice, substantiated by facts and reasons, and comes from the author’s knowledge or familiarity with the issue.

The essential aim of Globe Afrique is to provide our readers with a wide range of arguments that are newsworthy events or issues of broad public concern from people other than Globe Afrique’s editors or journalists.

Basic Rules for Guest Opinions

  1. Opinions should contain between 800 to 1,200 words – Globe Afrique reserves the right to accept longer or shorter pieces.
  2. Globe Afrique will accept your opinion in text, audio, video, and data forms.

Guest Opinions are at the heart of Globe Afrique’s argument to present diverse views on trending issues. Submit your articles to:

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