If these 4 people didn’t have Liberia in their heart, imagine what will happen?

By Martin K. N. Kollie

Youth and Student Activist, martinkerkula1989@yahoo.com

Liberians remain the poorest of the poor because their leaders are overly GREEDY and CORRUPT. I became perturbed beyond limit while driving through West Point on Saturday evening. Our people are really catching a hard time. It is rough and tough. They are in a ‘Catch 22’ situation.

The road leading to Southeastern Liberia is almost impassable due to its deplorable state even though George Weah, Bhofal Chambers, and Albert Chie are from Southeastern Liberia. What do our people have for giving them power?

This is what they are getting in 12 months (2019-2020 National Budget):

  1. President George M. Weah – US$2,103,675
  2. Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor – US$1,837,246
  3. Speaker Bhofal Chambers – US$1,043,265
  4. Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie – US$1,188,444
  5. Deputy Speaker Prince Moye – US$722,942
  6. Chief Justice Francis Korkpoh – US$179,844
  7. Humanitarian Outreach for First Lady – US$700,000
  8. Total for just 7 offices – US$7,775,416

Why are we giving just 7 offices over US$7.7 million (L$1.6 billion) when our people are dying slowly. Most of their children are out of school this academic year due to tuition hike vis-à-vis acute hardship. Civil servants are yet to be paid amidst a salary cut. Over 85% of Liberians are unemployed and impoverished. Even those who have jobs are ‘working poor’.

Liberians have become beggars in their homeland. They lack access to basic social services including health, safe drinking water, electricity, sanitation, food, housing, etc. Does Liberia have leaders or looters? The latter is inescapably factual in my opinion.

If they didn’t have Liberia in their heart, all of us would have been dead by now, I surmise. Where is THE CHANGE they promised? Nothing is yet to change in West Point, Sonewein, PHP, Plumcor, Chicken Soup Factory, etc. The Republic is in trouble as public officials hurriedly amass wealth.

GREED and CORRUPTION are on an industrial scale under ex-Soccer Star George M. Weah. In fact, President Weah is building an empire of wealth for himself in less than 2 years.  I am troubled with tears in my eyes. This prevailing nightmare confronting our people is too aching to stomach. But CHANGE is possible and only the PEOPLE have the power to ignite a paradigm shift.


About The Author:

Martin K. N. Kollie is a youth and student activist, a columnist, and an emerging economist who hails from Bong County. He is an avowed proponent of social democracy and justice. He can be reached via martinkerkula1989@yahoo.com

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