IJG Writes Int’l Criminal Court – Wants Monrovia City Mayor Prosecuted for crimes


P.O. BOX 19519 2500 CM THE HAGUE





Greetings, Madam Prosecutor:

We present with compliments and wish to refer the case of Liberia to you for INVESTIGATIONS INTO CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, widespread and systematically meted out violence against the civilian population since the incumbency of Mr. George M Weah, President of Liberia in January 2018.

Not only is Mr. Weah believed to be spinning the wheels of criminal violence from behind the scenes against his own people, but his regime, His Office, has become conspicuously silent on the widespread and recurrent incidences of violence against women, young girls and children and people the regime has invariably referred to as “enemies of the state”.

Mr. President Weah has empowered his City Mayor as the perpetrator-in-chief. Mayor Jefferson Koijee, The Mayor of Monrovia, appointed by Mr. Weah behaves like a violent psychopath who acts under the authority of President Weah alone and is shielded and protected by him.

We are worried that the malediction of impunity has given justice a repugnant name in the Liberian society. After 13 years of fratricide in Liberia when war crimes and crimes against humanity were massively committed, no one, to date, has been brought to book in Liberia 2 despite efforts by other nations to hold these war perpetrators accountable and Reports of The Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommending criminal and political accountability for wartime atrocities.

Accountability for wartime atrocities and ongoing crimes against humanity is not an option for a society transitioning from war to peace – it is a must!

We implore you, Madam Prosecutor, to act in Liberia. Our seriousness is well-grounded on the realization that if nothing is done about past crimes, ongoing crimes against humanity and violence, and lawlessness will escalate, and Liberia may return to its once regrettable “Failed State” status. Because of their own involvement in committing Crimes Against Humanity, the Government of Liberia neither has the will nor the capacity to investigate and prosecute those involved. As the International Criminal Court is truly the court of last resort and must intervene to save the lives of innocent citizens of Liberia as well as put an end to the senseless violence, including wide-scale rape and sexual violence against our girls and women who continue to be traumatized on a daily basis.

Further, the State will regress into violence and human rights violations and impunity will become entrenched: “…

the rule of law under President Weah may be undermined by individuals whose records do not inspire confidence in attaining the goals of fighting corruption, ending impunity and promoting national reconciliation, as well as transparency, in public management…with the very weak separation of powers, weak rule of law and wrong people appointed, the country risk going down a slippery path, which may lead a plunge into the abyss. Given such a disposition, and judging from experience, journalists and the media, first in the line of fire, maybe in for the rough ride, given the torrent of vitriolic attacks against media practitioners.”

Respectfully yours,

Jerome J Verdier, Sr (Cllr)



For details pertaining to the referral read PDF documents below:

IJG Executive Director Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier, Sr.
Former Chairman, Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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