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*Immigration Advise from embassies in Washington DC. *

Permanent Residents:  Please carry your Green Card in your wallet, it is the law. Leave a copy at home.

Visitors: Print out your I-94 and carry with your unexpired passport.
If your papers are about to expire, put in for an extension and carry your receipt with your passport.
They have speeded up deportation of all citizens of other countries.
If you are illegal or have committed misdemeanor × 3=felony, make arrangement now with people who can take care of your kids, store, and mortgage in case you are arrested and imprisoned or deported.

Naturalized citizens especially black or anyone with an accent, order a citizenship card that you can carry in your wallet.

General advice: Don’t stay out late, don’t run a red light, don’t get involved in anything that will involve police fingerprints.

More than anything, have a next of kin or friend or the pastor that can check on you every now and then if you have any reason to worry about your status or your past.
Neighbors, check on neighbors. This, like any other thing, is a phase, it will pass but don’t fall victim and don’t be a collateral damage.
May the Lord see us through this season.

Please send to everyone you know in the US.

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