In The War On Coronavirus, We Demand Answers Not Just Vaccines

By:  B. Weah Doe Jr.

At the commencement of the 20th century, the greed for the domination of other nations and peoples of the world obfuscated German politics as was in medieval times, to the extent that the human race witnessed a near Armageddon imposed upon of itself from World War I to World War II, all came out of Europe, the cradle of the Christianity.

 It soon became evident that Adolph Hitler and his advisors who were the key political figures in Nazi Germany,   planned, organized, directed and launched World War II, but woefully lost. These German politicians or Nazi disciples were somehow devout Christians, and no doubt,   were the actual aggressors, and we should condemn even their ashes, half a century on; and beyond every generation to come, we should send out messages so that mankind cannot and should never have such a batch of “madmen” to run amok with our lives and our future again. Sadly, however, the irony of whatever triggered Adolph Hitler’s inordinate desire to seek world’s domination and the superiority of his “Ayres race”   did not go away, and may never go away in human history, and perhaps, we are unwittingly on the brink of witnessing yet another repeat of the surge of unbridled world domination agenda,  as it was in medieval times and of course, in Adolph Hitler’s Germany.  This is true, or to aptly put, this was the case when the victorious nations in World War II, added to their war spoils—they set up a tribunal to try and convict Nazi soldiers and politicians–their enemies at the war front at the famous Nuremberg Tribunal, where the judges and jurors, if any, were the victorious parties, and the accused were the vanquished. Perhaps one of the most improbable exploits, although justified on the altar of might makes right, which the Nuremberg Tribunal actually represented,  was that the victorious parties headed by the United States of America and the former Soviet Union strangely carved their justification of being superpowers into the paths of the pathetic relics of Adolph  Hitler’s dirty politics or propaganda types of machinery of divide and rule, and ultimately emerged, absolutely uncontested from the rotten carcasses of Nazi aspirations as the new  “Super Powers” of the 20th century.

 Indeed, throughout the 20th century, we witnessed or we were made to witness some of the most divisive politics ever seen, with each of the two superpowers—the United States of America and the former Soviet Union vying for control, influence, and domination in every region of the world, and of course, at the expense of countless human lives and material losses, with regimes falling here and there through a coup de ’tats, civil unrests, insurrections, and civil wars, with no end in sight. However, while the world was gasping for breath, and repositioning itself for a Third World War, to be fought with nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs, again set to come out of Europe, suddenly and pathetically too, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in 1989, thus giving rise to German unification. And in the months or years that followed, Communism or Socialism ran out of steams, out of options, and perhaps out of ideas, and with it came the ripping off the Soviet empire, a situation which started within, and did not stop until a failed coup de ’tat against Communist Party Secretary-General Mikhail Gorbachev brought the entire Soviet Union down to its knees.

 As if mankind is not fully aware of its own infirmities and cannot eliminate or destroy what God has created,  we were made to believe, for 50 long years, that the superpower nations of NATO and the WARSAW PACT  were so technologically advanced, that they could answer any questions, swiftly respond to any emergencies or any problems, fight any diseases, cure any sicknesses, and when they get annoyed, God forbids,   a single detonation of a bomb, be it hydrogen or nuclear, by either the former Soviet Union or the United States of America,  could decimate or annihilate the entire human race, and with it, planet earth. Truly, this may seem somewhat undeniable or absolutely undebatable in some respect, judging from the fact that the evidence in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, is incredibly chilling, and it provides a telling moment that these superpower nations and their allies, were implausibly greater than any world’s problems.

  But here we are today, scampering for covers here and there, with nowhere to hide, under the surging threats in the form of a serious problem coming out of COVID-19, that is bent on slaughtering the entire human race, and then,  suddenly, and perhaps incredibly too, the superpower nations are conspicuously silent—their armaments, and venerated strategies and solutions to confront and defeat any biological warfare, sadly cannot withstand the onslaught of  COVID-19—the powerful nations by human standards,  are found wanting in voice and in leadership.   Gradually, we are witnessing a retreat from the idea of world domination, influence, and race superiority to “self-preservation.” The preeminence agenda in world’s politics is withering or is regrettably dissipating under the clutches of COVID-19 so much that the ill-fated argument that the custodians of the largest arsenals in modern warfare are themselves running helter-skelter for safety which means, Americans, Russians, Europeans, Asians, and African—I mean everybody is left to the mercy of God Almighty because our leaders, do not have timely answers, timely cures at a time when we need them most. This is reminiscent of the situation that confronted the children of Israel as recorded in the Book of 1 Samuel 11:3 &13.  In fear of the adversity that was lurking, 1 Samuel 11:3 says: “The elders of Jabesh said to him, “Give us seven days so we can send messengers throughout Israel; if no one comes to rescue us, we will surrender to you.”  But in verse 13, a contrary view built on the foundation of faith in God Almighty emerged and says: “But Saul said, “Not a man shall be put to death this day, for today the LORD has accomplished deliverance in Israel.”

While we are confident that we will not die in the name of the Living God, notwithstanding, and are constrained to give our leaders of the Free World, few days, not months or years to search their arsenals, their military bulwarks, their research repositories and bring out the most effective vaccines, but if they should delay or fail to do so in time, God forbids, nobody, of course, will die in the Lord Jesus Christ, but we will demand answers.  We will not sit on the fence and fold hands, crying lousily— we want answers; where are the cures or vaccines against biological welfare on which trillions of US dollars have been spent, and of course where are our allies? Confronting the greatest nation on earth—the United States of America, with questions is not about asking for vaccines in the forms of finding a cure for this deadly coronavirus only. Not far from it.   It is about demanding answers and evaluating America, the only dependable super power’s credibility and leadership response to a global threat and insecurity from the deadly COVID-19. This is the crux of the argument.

Sadly, the entire world is again being strangely treated to what seems the works of a rejuvenated silhouette of a Nazis style of leadership,   apparently attempting a comeback to impose its bastardized aspiration for world domination at the cost of human sufferings under the pretext of COVID-19. We, therefore, demand answers, not excuses for cures because after being dominated by two superpowers for more than half a century, and now in the hands of a single superpower—the United States of America or NATO, we the people of the “FREE WORLD”, the like vassals of medieval times, deserve to know in no uncertain terms the source of COVID-19.   If COVID-19 is a natural virus or an accident caused by a human factor from a failed scientific test, or from the detonation of a dirty bomb either by a rogue regime or a legitimate government, we who are enduring the pains and the fears of being exterminated from the face of the earth very soon, if no vaccine for COVID-19 is found, must be told nothing but the plain truth.

Further, if COVID-19 is biological warfare, a spilled over from hydrogen or nuclear bomb tests in deep seas by a Taoist, a  Maoist, or Confuciusinists from Mainland China, as it was with Hitler and his Nazi disciples who decorated themselves as devout Christians, we need to know.  Our demand is based on the fact that we know what America or NATO  can do; what America is capable of doing to protect humanity from insanity in the hands of rogue regimes, Therefore, America should desist from presenting itself to the mundane and uncontested argument of being the haven of freedoms and democracy or pride itself as the only superpower and by that exalts itself as leader of the  FREE WORLD, instead, America should go beyond these accolades and provide answers as to what has given rise to COVID-19; how,   why and must act with speed to demand these answers from Mainland China and not just vaccines or success story of fighting COVID-19.

The other day, it was reported that China successfully landed on the surface of the moon where no nation has ever gone. This exercise was seen as a revolution in China, and in other parts of the world, a giant step by man in terrestrial exploration. But it was foolhardy for the world to have ignored what attended the famous Apollo moon landing in 1969, with almost half of the world’s population sufferings from painful reddish sore eyes inundated with colds—an eye sickness  which was suspected to have come from that historic moon  landing.  We are told   that China brought from the moon surface, soil samples that are aliens to the earth surface but are exclusively suited to the moon surface. Are these moon soil samples the sources of the Coronavirus? Why not?  Please do not blame us for these kinds of speculations because nobody is willing to provide answers, or tell us how we have come to this level, and so we are left by ourselves to think otherwise!

With the former Soviet Union in the dustbin of history, nowhere else we can turn for answers; nowhere else we can turn to cry; nowhere else we can put our trust against a coronavirus that is wreaking havoc on economies, free travels, the markets of the world, and leaving in its crude paths incalculable losses of both human and material resources except the great United States of America. And therefore, the United States of America must step up to the plate and put an end to COVID-19.

 Moreover, while we are in hiding in our homes, watching televisions, and listening to radios and seeing and hearing the rise in death tolls in Italy, France, England, America and Iran, the complete lockdowns or shutdowns of major cities, bars, restaurants and streets of the world,  praying and hoping that a vaccine can be found soon,  there is deep suspicion everywhere that everyone is a potential carrier and the virus is prowling even in our kitchens,  in our living rooms, in our wardrobes and even under our beds, so much that there is nowhere to hide—there is no safe haven!

  Amid all of these problems, there is still one question that refuses to go away and that is mankind is limited in so many ways, but inherently wicked, and very greedy; and so, could it be that some scientific test, somewhere unknown to us was conducted under the cover of darkness by the Chinese or North Koreans, or by a bunch of mad ISIS fighters operating somewhere,    and the result went wrong? The achievements that that mankind has made in technology which in most instances are being equated to “creation”, perhaps to falsely make the human race look powerful seemed to have fallen apart under the clutches of COVID-19.  This virus is so powerful that its offenses have transcended every border, endangered and infected every race and gender,   and has silenced the deafening noise of “ ISIS or the Syrian, ” war—the competition over who controls the politics of the Middle East has crumbled beneath the dreadful surge of the deadly virus.  The COVID-19 war has no defined borders, no battle lines, no ceasefire, no visible enemies, no tanks, missiles, no jet bombers, yet, we are required to defend ourselves against the unknown.      We cannot stand this anymore—we ask the great United States of America in the name of God to something and save humanity!  That said, again, we need answers in addition to any vaccines or cures to do battle this evil virus. As it stands, it seems quite palpable that the only open route to survival is God’s infinite mercy that must be sought in these critical times, and not the assurances that are shrouded in ambivalence coming from the leaders of the FREE WORLD.  We wonder what is left of a free world in which COVID-19 is running riot uncontested and all nations are shaking in their pants, and scurrying for covers, is a question that generations unborn will grapple with when the dust shall have finally settled.

As vassal nations and individuals, surrendering our rights, and subscribing  American or western values, freedoms, and cultures and in return get American protection and economic aid to survive from the clutches of despotic regimes and terrorists,   as it was in medieval times, we beg the Great United States in the name of God Almighty, to unequivocally demand from Mainland  China answers not just the strategies on how it is fighting and succeeding in the war against COVID-19  but for us to know the actual sources and causes of this deadly coronavirus.

Truly, we demand answers from the leader of the Free World—the Great United States of America and its NATO allies,  and not just vaccines in the form of solutions.

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