It was in the Family, Mugabe uses sons as delegates for his country’s visit at UN Assembly

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe did something that shocks no one in the West and also in Africa. However, in this age and time when more and more Africans are rebelling against tyranny and dictatorship, abuse of power, cronyism, corruption and nepotism, the aging Zimbabwean leader sees no political indecency in using his country’s resources to take his two school-age sons as part of his country’s delegation 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

President Mugabe who was accompanied by cabinet ministers, senior government officials, wife Grace and youngest son Chatunga to the world’s most recognizable political and diplomatic event held once a year in New York City.  The president, his wife, son and entourage arrived at the JFK International Airport in New York on a Sunday before the U.N. General Assembly meeting.

President Mugabe, wife Grace and their sons in New York
President Mugabe, wife Grace and their sons in New York

In a nation where inflation is skyrocketing and poverty widespread, why would an aging leader act beyond common sense to display an indefensible track record by allowing his wife and children to take advantage of his UN-related trips to travel to the West?

Zimbabwean analysts suggest that the aging leader is doing so because of the travel ban and sanction imposed him and his family in visiting the United States and some European nations over allegations of human rights abuses and electoral fraud.

Although he is diplomatically banned from traveling to the West, observer says Mugabe can still attend meetings of the UN in these countries.

According to sources close to the presidency, Mugabe’s all-powerful wife Grace has previously complained that one of their son Robert Mugabe Jr. saw his dreams of playing professional basketball in the US disappeared because of the sanction against his father’s regime and family.

While Mugabe might be a good reason to use the loophole within the so-called international diplomacy sealed by the United Nations to bring his family in New York, it still doesn’t make sense for a leader whose people lack basic needs to waste state resources on his family at the expense of the entire nation.

But Mugabe is not alone; Most African leaders are notorious for abusing power and using state’s resources to enrich and empower their families.  In Equatorial Guinea, the president there recently appointed his eldest son as the country’s vice president.  In Senegal, ex-president Abdoulaye Wade offered his son Karim almost every powerful position from which he is accused of amassing vast wealth. These political and governance discrepancies were and continued to be excessive in some African nations including Togo, Mozambique, Liberia, etc.

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