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Kenyan Newly elected President William Ruto goes back on election promises and raises taxes on the poor

NAIROBI, KENYA (GlobeAfrique) President William Ruto of Kenya, who ran on a promise to reduce the cost of living in Kenya, goes against his promises and is expected to sign a newly approved tax increase that is unpopular with his supporters.
The new tax will double the tax on gas products from 8% to 16% and will cause food and other prices to rise due to inflation.
“He said he was going to make life easier for us. Today, we are unable to buy food because prices are higher than before elections,” Victor Nimbutu, a supporter of Ruto.

Ruto began his political career in the 1990s and was elected as a Member of Parliament for the Eldoret North constituency in 1997. He held various ministerial positions, including Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Agriculture, and Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology.

Ruto has been associated with the Jubilee Alliance, a coalition formed in 2013 between his United Republican Party (URP) and Uhuru Kenyatta’s The National Alliance (TNA). He played a crucial role in the Jubilee Alliance’s victory in the 2013 general elections, which led to his appointment as Deputy President.

However, over time, there were political rifts and disagreements between Ruto and President Kenyatta, leading to strained relations and a subsequent split within the Jubilee Party. Ruto formed his political party called the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in 2021, positioning himself as a presidential candidate for the 2022 general elections.

Ruto has been known for his populist appeal and has garnered a significant following, particularly among Kenya’s youth and rural populations. He has advocated for an inclusive and bottom-up approach to development, focusing on empowering small-scale traders, farmers, and entrepreneurs.
After winning the Presidential elections, supporters are accusing the administration of President William Ruto of making things more challenging for them.

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