Liberia 2017 Elections: The George Weah Factor

Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Candidate George Manneh Weah – The Footballer turned political leader

In 2005 and 2011, we said they were all kids who didn’t even know what they want. Yes, I said that too because I voted for the Unity Party in those elections. I have been doing political jokes about him like I do with all candidates, but here is an impartial fact:

The crowd I have seen chanting Weah’s name since the launch of campaign activities and even before, are not just kids. I see young people, grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers and mothers, etc., all involved.

The people I am seeing are registered voters and unlike 2005 and 2011 where Ellen won the women votes, I see many women in support of Weah this time around.

Video Credit:  Africanews

I saw it when he went to Buchanan, Margibi, Gbarpolu and Cape Mount. I still question Weah’s judgment politically and for the Liberian Presidency, however, his chances of assuming the Presidency in these elections is greater than the recent two elections. CDC is more equipped logistically, and I see much improvements in their planning and strategies.

I know I am going to be accused of being a partisan of CDC like I am accused of the same with other parties when I make fair analysis, but we must state facts as we see them. Weah is a major contender in these elections. He has a better shot at the Presidency now more than ever. Anybody who wants to write him off needs to think twice.

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Varney Anasters Teah

Varney Anasters Teah is a Liberian citizen resident in Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA. He can be reached at Email:
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