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A looted Nation–Even medical administrators are caught STEALING in Liberia!

Former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Photo: Dr. Wvannie-Mae Scott McDonald

NEW YORK—Corruption was so excessive and widespread in Liberia during President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s presidency until it became a deadly culture.  Even people who are entrusted with saving lives have joined the wagon of theft of public assets and other properties, a practice which is part of the legacy left behind by the Sirleaf’s UNITY PARTY-led government.

President Sirleaf retired after her final term of office ended on January 15, 2018, but she officially turned over power to incumbent president George Manneh Weah.  The ceremony was well attended and well administered.

But after 12 years of looting, some members of the Sirleaf’s Unity Party-led government were unsatisfied with the goodies they looted.  Instead, they wanted to clear whatever possible they could lay their hands on.

According to reliable and police sources, Dr. Wvannie-Mae Scott McDonald and Ms. Munah Tarpeh, General Administrator and Deputy GA respectively, of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (the largest hospital and medical training center in the country) were allegedly caught looting properties belonging to the medical center.

Liberian police officers inspecting the taxi with stolen cash from the JFK Medical Center in Monrovia.

The two top officials have been accused of carrying pickup trucks to load freezers, flower packs, curtains, beds and other items belonging to the medical center.  Prior to the two being caught, sources say several other items were already taken from the hospital late Thursday.

Furthermore, Dr. Wvannie-Mae Scott McDonald, the general administrator had been storing monies or fees paid by patients for services at her office for the past several months.  After the change of administration from former President Sirleaf to President Weah, less than five days later, Dr. McDonald allegedly instructed a taxi driver that is connected to her to take the hospital’s money to her bank and deposit it in her personal account on her behalf.

Some eyewitnesses say a frustrated employee alerted the Liberia National Police who then pursued the taxi and stopped the driver as well as asked him to open the back of his car where about a million dollars Liberian dollars was found.  This discovery led the Liberia National Police (LNP) to immediately deploy officers at all the entrances and exits of the hospital.

Unverified reports say the arrest of the taxi driver with the stolen wealth prompted security and other officials to contact the recently appointed Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill.  Minister McGill then reportedly instructed security forces that every vehicle leaving and entering the hospital compound should be thoroughly searched.  Investigation Continues.

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Blama G. Konuwah

Blama G. Konuwah resides in Vancouver, Canada. He is a public issues analyst and senior contributor to Globe Afrique.
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