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Liberia needs a united opposition against the failed kleptocratic regime of George Weah

Liberia needs a united opposition and a civil liberties union to stand against the government of Liberia’s repeated failure to conduct a census.

Under Article 39 of Liberia’s Constitution, the Legislature shall cause a census to be undertaken every 10 years. The most recent Census was conducted back in 2008 – it has been roughly 14 years.

Henceforth, failure to carry out the Census violates the people’s Constitutional right and further disenfranchises most people living in rural areas from their rightful allotment of resources.

Moreover, the Penal Law allows an individual who believes that their constitutional rights have been violated to bring a civil action against the government (LISGIS/Ministry of Finance) – specifically, Title 26, Part II, Subchapter E (Abuse of office).

The government’s repeat violation of the Constitution and Penal Laws erodes public trust and limits the amount of foreign direct investments into Liberia – thus, impeding consistent growth.

With a united opposition, President Weah would spend more time at home addressing issues of inflation (higher prices), a poor economy, sanctions against former officials who continue to enjoy government privileges, and the complete mismanagement of state resources.

Instead, he unceremoniously takes an entourage on a 3-6 weeks globetrotting extravaganza under the guise of seeking foreign aid. When did begging for foreign aid becomes a development agenda?

A kleptocratic government is only encouraged and empowered by a weak and spineless opposition that does not speak out or protest against the wrongdoing that permeates society.

It is time that the opposition seizes the moment and stands united to challenge a failed administration and kleptocratic regime—Carpe diem.

Here Comes the Next Wave of GlobMag Sanctions Against Weah’s Government.

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