Liberia: When Will the Justice Ministry Win?

The crime rate in Liberia, particularly Economic and Financial Crimes committed in Liberia, is immeasurable, disproportionately high, and in so many cases, high and unbelievable. The question is and has been, when will the Government of Liberia represented by the Ministry of Justice, win by truly prosecuting and winning a single criminal case for Liberia and the people of Liberia? Since the days of the transitional government (s) to the government of Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and to the government of Mr. George Manneh Weah, the Justice Ministry on its own and/or in collaboration with the Liberia Anti-Corruption Corruption Commission (LACC), has principally and totally lost the taste and smell of indicting, successfully prosecuting and winning a single criminal case before the courts of Liberia.  

Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean

Principal and leading criminal cases like the Republic of Liberia v Ms. Parker, former Managing Director of National Port Authority (NPA), to the highly compromised and shamefully ended, Republic of Liberia v. H. Varney G. Sherman, E.C.B. Jones, Richard Tolbert, J. Alex Tyler, Morris Saytumah, and others, sadly, the Ministry of Justice and the prosecuting attorneys of Ministry of Justice, have failed to prosecute and win a single criminal case before the courts of Liberia. Come to think about it, the Ministry of Justice of Liberia is so frail, weak and professionally challenged, so much so that notorious rebel leaders like, Dr. George S. Boley complained and taken Liberia, and the Government of Liberia to the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice and shamefully defeated Liberia and the Government of Liberia, hands-down. 

Being highly disappointed and heartbroken, we are constrained to write and invite you and friends of Liberia to please visit the website of Africa Center for Law and Human Rights Inc. and read for yourselves the judgment of ECOWAS Community Court of Justice: www.africacenterforlaw.org. When you get there, click on menu, click on resources, click on ECOWAS Community of Justice, click on decisions of the court, and then click on, Dr. George S. Boley v. Republic of Liberia and others and you will breathtakingly find the case that may cause Liberia’s warlords and war criminals to sue and recover money judgments amount to US$1000,000 each against the Government and people of Liberia.  

Consistent with the Final Judgment of the ECOWAS Community Court, Dr. Boley after monetizing the costs of his human rights violation complaint, Dr. George S.  Boley and other Liberia’s warlords and war criminals, like Mr. Charles G. Taylor, Alhaji G.V. Kromah, and all other members of Liberia’s so-called “Council of State”, Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the Transitional Legislative Assembly, are fully empowered and set to recover retirement benefits from Liberia. 

When will the Ministry of Justice and Prosecuting Attorneys at the Ministry of Justice win and win a single criminal case for Liberia? As the Weah-led Government refuses and neglects to have a UN-backed War and Economic Crimes Courts in Liberia, one-by-one, all Liberia’s warlords and war criminals will certainly be empowered to litigate and recover money judgments from Liberia; that is after using war to murder armed-less Liberians and looting Liberia from top to bottom.  

About the Author:

Frederick A.B. Jayweh, Esq

Frederick A.B. Jayweh, Esq. is a Counsellor-AT-Law and International Affairs Director at the  Africa Center for Law and Human Rights Inc . in Liberia. He was once an 18-year resident of Colorado, United States of America. Counsellor Jayweh is a graduate of the University of Denver College of Law/Strum College of Law and holds a Master of Laws (LL.M. degree). He is also a graduate of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia and the African Bible College/African Bible College University.

He once served as Executive Director of the Center for Immigrants established in the State of Colorado, United States of America. He has managed the Office for Refugee Resettlement (ORR), United Nations, Colorado Foundations and Faith-based projects that amounted to more than US$1.5 Million. Counselor Jayweh has a combined experience and expertise of nearly 20 years in human rights work and management. He is a former acting social services director at Rocky Mountain Survivors Center, (RMSC), a Colorado, United States-based refugee and torture treatment agency.

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