Photo:  Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish in Iraq with his group

NEW YORK – The outgoing government of Liberia under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has closed its eyes to international security concerns due to rampant and ingrained corruption and instead is pushing to award lucrative and risky nationwide government contract to a U.S.-accused international terrorist collaborator from the Middle East.

Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish from the Middle East, once detained by the US Military in Iraq in 2004 for collaborating with terrorists’ groups, is currently in Liberia as an ‘investor’ and a guest of the outgoing Liberian government headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  Reliable sources and top intelligence information reaching Globe Afrique revealed that Darwish is working behind the scenes in Liberia to obtain a classified contract from the government of Liberia before President-elect George Manneh Weah takes office on January 23 this year.

Concession Agreement with alleged Terrorist

Darwish has paid bribes to senior officials in the Sirleaf administration so that he can secure a nationwide motor vehicle registration and inspection contract in all 15 political subdivisions (counties) of Liberia. The contract will also include printing of all license plates and legal documents pertaining to vehicles in Liberia.

The Liberian National Police has already reportedly written the contract which senior members of the Liberian government at the level of the presidency submitted to the Liberian Congress for approval.

In less than two weeks to leave office, President Sirleaf issued an ordered requesting the Liberian Congress to resume an emergency session to sign dozens of concession agreements which are largely against the economic interest of the Liberian people and could ruin the future of Liberian generation to come.

The purported Hezbollah/al Qaeda/ISIS business deal documents are part of the 13 bills which President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lobbying the Liberian Congress to sign a week before she leaves office, but some rationale members in the House of Representatives and the Senate rejected the idea upon reading the hazardous proposals.

According to information available to Globe Afrique’s research and analysis unit, the Middle Eastern terrorist collaborator, Darwish, who is against the interest of the United States, Israel, and other Western nations, wants to use Liberia as a medium to smuggle and launder resources to global terrorist groups under makeshift and artificial investment vehicles.

Ongoing investigations revealed that Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish once accused by the U.S. and other western intelligence sources as having strong ties to al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, AQIM and other dangerous terrorist sects worldwide, has allegedly bribed the outgoing Liberian government with an unspecified sum of money to secure the contract.

A source said Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish is also among individuals who influenced Liberia’s vote against the interest of the United States and Israel at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).  An unconfirmed and ongoing investigation revealed that the outgoing Liberian leader ordered the vote at the UNGA for two reasons: unspecified bribery from al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, AQIM business frontman Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish and President Sirleaf’s personal dislike of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, Sr.

One Liberian intelligence analyst based in Washington D. C. said Darwish’s so-called business deal is part of the reason why President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is pushing the dozens of bills in the House and Senate when she only has a week to retire.

If the Liberian Congress were to speedily and blindly approve the bills, Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish, and his terrorist business machine would have received and benefitted from a 25-year concession agreement to print all the driver licenses, vehicle plates, registrations and everything relating to automotive in Liberia.  It would have also included conducting all vehicle inspections throughout the country.

An international intelligence source in the UK told Globe Afrique that Liberia, a U.S. historical ally is a target for Islamic influence and control by some diehard terrorists’ collaborators in the Middle East whose intent is to ensure that Islamic states are established globally.  These groups want most West African nations and almost all of Africa to be Islamic states similar to the one once established by ISIS in Iraq.

At first, the terrorists’ financiers or group had opted to use a political process by sponsoring candidates to run for political offices in Liberia.  In a report written by two Muslim female scholars few years and published by several outlets including some local dailies such as the Liberian Daily Observer, it was revealed that the group had wanted to impact the 2017 Liberian presidential election with a candidate but that failed.

That ‘report’ by the three female scholars prompted an outcry from many Liberian quarters and some in the country used that to propose a troubling idea of making Liberia a Christian state as a response.

According to the Daily Observer and several news outlet, the  “14-page, comprehensive and powerfully–written essay by three Arab women from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, respectively, one with a Ph.D. and the others each with a Master’s degree, says the Saudis have developed a “game plan” to install a “Wahhabi-type Islamic regime in Syria that disproportionately disavows women, deprives girls of education and basic rights and darkens the prospects for equality between men and women in society. The article is entitled: “The Syrian War, Saudi Arabia’s Struggle for Global Influence and Control of Africa.” Once that failed, Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish and his groups decided to use investment, trade, and commerce as the channel to woo and dismantle the system in Liberia, knowing that the corruption has blinded the reasoning of the leadership in the country.

Saudi Arabia, to Islamize Liberia, W. Africa? | Liberian Observer

In another development, Globe Afrique has learned that a new political party is being contemplated and/or created by some individuals who are associated with the outgoing Liberian administration with the sole aim of mounting a serious challenge to incoming president George Manneh Weah in five years’ time.   Those behind the proposed political entity have secured more than $10 million dollars and have since established a radio station and a local daily on Tubman Boulevard, using funds from the Liberia treasury.  Information for the station’s and newspaper ownership which were established with public funds remains secretive and disguise.

Outgoing Liberia’s president and political guru Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  Retires January 23, 2018.

According to sources, the tactic of the key individuals involved in this plot include a design to penetrate the Liberian Congress (Senate and House of Representative) by securing powerful elected seats, planting some of their core adherents in senior government positions in tenure arrangement to sabotage the initiative and policies of the incoming Liberian government so that it will appear as a failure to the Liberian public, and then undermine the incoming government and president on the international stage.

Obviously, the so-called tenure arrangement put in place or set up the incoming president and government for serious failure, according to an American political strategist who spoke to Globe Afrique on condition of anonymity.  “It will take power and control away from the incoming president and maintain the influence of the outgoing president.  Tenure is good but not the wishful and dangerous setup and intent it has put in place in Liberia.  For all purposes, the intent for the ‘rush’ tenure appointments in Liberia is to continue the legacy, influence, and control of the outgoing administration,” he added.

Muhammad Issam Abu Darwish and his many dangerous groups are also among some of the potential financiers of few Liberian ex-officials who allegedly want to unseat incoming President Weah in five years.  To ensure that the incoming Liberian leader fails, many artificial tenure appointments and appointees with no loyalty to the incoming presidency have gained flame.  These tenure appointees which includes all key economic and viable public agencies in the country can strangulate the Weah’s presidency, make it weak and incapable.

A counter-terrorism expert in New York says once Darwish can settle in Liberia, there is an inclination that he is not alone.  Adding, “Liberia is at risk of terrorists running it over one day, considering what we see today.”

Nathaniel Nagbe, a Liberian from the southeastern region of Liberia living in The Netherlands says the Sirleaf administration has sold Liberia for money.  Nagbe said part of the region he comes from in southeastern Liberia has been occupied by unknown people believed to be from Burkina Faso who are now claiming land and farms belonging to Liberians in lower Grand Gedeh County and other parts of the southeast.

Nagbe, who is a strong supporter and member of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) party of president-elect George Manneh Weah, said the CDC will not allow its administration to be controlled by invisible hands.  Adding, “President-elect is our face as a party, but he knows that the CDC is a grassroots population that he represents.  We are not going to allow anyone to remote control the change we waited 12 years to see realized,” he said.

He said whether these people could pose a serious terrorist threat to Liberia soon considering the wave of Boko Haram’s activities in the Sahel region and al Qaeda affiliate (AQIM) in Mali remains a question of time.  Another risk to Liberia is the number of Liberian passports and citizenship sold to non-Liberians as an access to help them engage in clandestine activities.

For example, a Nigerian ex-soldier, Tony Lawal is suspected of having Liberian passport and citizenship and was also issued an official voter registration card in Liberia.  Lawal is also accused of receiving road construction contracts from the Liberian government and was paid more than $18 million dollars without completing or undertaking any meaningful contract activities.  But due to his connections with higher Liberian personalities, he faces no legal action and prosecution for doping the Liberian people with such huge sum of money.

More Development to come.