Liberia’s leading student body condemns politically motivated Impeachment trial of Associate Justice Kabineh Jan’eh, calls for President Weah’s Impeachment

Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP)

University of Liberia, Capitol Hill –Monrovia

Cell #s: 0770174524/0770255670

Press Statement for Immediate Release

The bastardization of Liberia’s democracy under ex-Soccer Star George M. Weah – SUP condemns the highly machinated Impeachment of Justice Ja’neh and calls for President George Weah’s Impeachment; Opens Book of Condolence for Veteran Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and Veteran Ernest Varfee! 

Conscious University students, proponents of social justice and academic freedom, militant campaigners of popular power and genuine democracy,  sons and daughters of shantytowns, fighting cadres  and courageous ideologues of Africa’s biggest embankment of consciousness and political enlightenment, The Vanguard Student Unification Party, eminent statesmen and women, distinguished media practitioners, fellow Liberians. 

It is now more palpable to purvey that the Republic stands at a critical juncture. – a time in our history when our country and economy are crumbling due to heightened incompetence and bad governance. We either struggle to usher in a  new social revolution based on popular power and genuine democracy by propelling the mass of our people into history and resisting a brazen attempt at the butchery of our democracy by President Weah and his gang of outlawed simpletons, or the Republic risks slipping into the cesspool of despotism and plunder.

It has become glaring that dictator George Weah intends to consolidate power ahead of 2020 and 2023 elections. No wonder why he is governing with iron fist and reckless disregard for every law which holds him in check. As all branches of the Liberian government are in crisis and have become puppets to this undressed despot. The legislature is at war with the judiciary – the president is at war with his VP – the Executive is at war with itself – and the judiciary is also at war with itself. This thus echoes the height of prevailing anarchy and bankruptcy of the ruling elites and utter paralysis of this childish regime.

Thus, it goes without saying the true social emancipation of the deprived mass of our people from the chokehold of neocolonial capitalism and the neoliberal nightmare which has proven historically incapable of addressing the problems of economic discard, social inequality, and grinding poverty under the current leaders governing the homeland.

The growing polarization in the country which is being crystalized by the nagging social, political and economic crises indicates that the homeland is in the abyss of a social implosion. This must trigger the amalgamation of progressive social forces, militant students, vanguard organizations to not only brainstorm and fuse insights to ensure that when the bubble shall have burst—vanguard organizations and pro-people social forces will be at the forefront to lead the people to a decisive victory—but also this time requires all and sundry who believe in democracy to come together in order to resist the dictatorial tendencies of this ex-Soccer Star and his cabal of anti-democratic elements.

SUP absolutely condemns the unlawful decision clandestinely initiated by Weah’s Executive Branch and the rubber-stamped Legislature presided over by a US Marine escapee, Jahyanah Lamie aka Bhofal Chambers, and a politically immature Senate Pro Tempore, Albert Che. The Constitution of the Republic is very clear on removal of an associate justice of the Supreme Court.  One can only remove justices or judges on “proved misconduct”, legal reasonable charges and other illegal conducts prohibited by Article 71 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution. In the case of the ongoing impeachment process of Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh, we see a total distortion, violation and bastardization of this sacred constitutional provision for political capital.

Far from what those who are eager for the impeachment of the Associate Justice would have us believe, this impeachment is a vicious political frame-up orchestrated against Jan’eh for his just and independent dispensation of justice which is premised on the principles of equality and fair play. Furthermore, what we see is a complete political machination intended to consolidate power and bastardize our democracy by the already crumbling CDC-led government.

SUP contends that if anyone is liable for impeachment, it is the footballing president George Weah, and not Ja’neh. Weah has blatantly violated almost all of our Laws including the very Constitution he took oath to protect. In an effort to have absolute control of the State and rapidly amass illegal wealth and private properties, Weah continues to unleash attacks on independent institutions and critical voices. SUP therefore calls for the impeachment of President George M. Weah in this regard.  

Justice Janéh is being persecuted simply because he refused to be bought and compromise his stance during the 2017 elections. It is in the nature of despotism to demonize and consider those who refuse to endorse the scandalous mismanagement of the country or join the new ruling clique to plunder, loot and pillage are considered as enemies. It is against this background that this impeachment trial must be looked at. For distinguishing himself and refusing to play to the tune and quote and quote “not wanting to take instruction”, Justice |Janéh has been treated to such terrible fate.

The Student Unification party along with thousands of conscious youth and students across Liberia will maintain an unapologetic stance in pursuit of a genuine democracy and an egalitarian Liberia. Henceforth, SUP warns the Chief Justice who already has questionable independence to discharge his functions not in accordance with the power-drunk Weah Executive but in line with the Constitution of the state; anything in contradiction to the rule of law will meet the revolutionary wrath of the Vanguard Student Unification Party, as the Party is under historical obligation to oppose tyranny, fight against injustices, and stand up against marginalization—vices that have kept the society in backwardness.

With earnest sympathy, we are pained and distressed by the death of two of our ideological veterans, Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and Deputy Minister Ernest Varfee. This is indeed a BIG LOSS for our Party. We will miss them and live their impeccable legacies. The party is saddened to open a Book of Condolence this day for these two veterans. All militants, ideologues, veterans, solidarity forces and sympathizers of SUP are mandated to sign this Book of Condolence in loving memory of our fallen heroine and hero as their souls REST IN PEACE.

SUP also extends its deepest condolences to the bereaved families of the over forty-eight Liberians who got entrapped at a Gold Mine in Nimba County. These young men who embarked on such dangerous adventure could have been saved from such terrible fate if the government had created opportunities for them to fetch their livelihood in a more dignified environment with less prospect of confronting such hazard.

When the government fails to take care of its citizen, they then embark on risky ventures to survive. Against such background, the Vanguard Party lays all responsibilities of the death of those forty Liberians on the shoulders of the Weah’s administration. In his January 22, 2018 inaugural message, President Weah promised to give the key of our economy to Liberians, but sadly, the Liberian economy remains in the hands of Weah’s foreign friends and business partners. Liberians are no longer spectators but watchmen of their own economy. 

The Central Committee of SUP, in a constitutional meeting presided over by the Party’s Chairman, Cde. Carlos Tingban Edison, has unanimously voted to lift the suspension and recall some expelled militants who have realized their missteps and shown remorse for reconsideration. With immediate effect, SUP therefore lifts the suspension of its former Militant Chair Cde. Seawon S. Lawaiyee.  In addition, the following expelled cadres of our party have been recalled with immediate effect, they include: Cde. Jacob A.D. Kollie, Cde. V. Mustapha Dukuly and Cde. Hammed Kiazolu.  

Long live SUP – Long Live Massescracy – Long Live Social Justice, Academic Freedom and Peace. Aluta, the struggle continues!

Done and issued this 22nd day of February A.D. 2019

Signed ________________________                      

            Cde. S. Ephraim T. Nyumah                                     

            Secretary General /SUP                                             

Approved: _______________________

                 Cde. Carlos Tingban  Eddison


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