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Liberia’s politics of uncertainty: Another of Sirleaf’s made conflict

Conflict and chaos, instead of governance, are the words on everyone’s lips these days in and outside of Liberia, and for good reason, too.  Building peace, reuniting the country and the people, and ensuring good governance are certainly not getting any easier, with the destructive activities and bad intentions of certain individuals coupled with widespread and inscrutable corruption, capital flight, surging food costs, and unsettling economic hardship and social uprisings showing their potential at every inch of the day in Liberia.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s ongoing activities and intentions regarding Liberia’s political transition are dangerous to the country and the Liberian people. She is equally dangerous to the entire West African sub-region where there are regional terrorists’ activities.  She knows that any semblance of chaos and mass disunity in Liberia could be a window for regional terrorist groups like Boko Haram and AQIM to use and take root in the country. This could disrupt the Mano River Union sub-region and create unceasing hardships and the lack of governance structure.

President Sirleaf has served 12 uninterrupted years as president of Liberia; a position that has given tremendous wealth, power, privilege and transgenerational assets to her and her family.  After 12 years, everyone expects the aging Liberian leader to step aside quietly and be remembered as the mother of modern Liberia.  But this does not seem to be a part of Madam Sirleaf’s compass. Her DNA is programmed to suffer Liberians, punish them and destroy the future of their children.

Liberians need to remember that Madam Sirleaf was a mastermind of the more than 14 years Liberian conflict. No doubt about that.  Her stubbornness and interference in the 2017 Liberian presidential election is a potential for yet another mechanization to destroy Liberia’s future.  This must be a concern for all Liberians, whether they support candidate zero or candidate zero plus.  Liberia is the only home some people have; therefore, it must not be taken from them again.

In the October 10, 2017, election, all key presidential candidates indicated what it takes to lead Liberia. Each has a love for the country and the election could have been smooth if Madam Sirleaf had divorced her selfish interest from the political process.  Ambassador George Weah does not need Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to win the election.  After all, he is a very beloved and popular legend who won the 2005 election that was given to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf anyway.  Equally, Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai does not need Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to win elections in Liberia, especially so considering that he is a humble, decent and highly capable leader with decades of proven experience.

Liberia can be like Ghana where democracy and electoral transparency have taken some appreciable roots and where former presidents are actual and true statesmen.  From the stubbornness and selfishness of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the hopes and aspiration of yet another Liberian generation hang in the air and that could be costly as it had been for many young men and women in the country today who grew up knowing nothing but chaos.

These familiar concerns remind us of the past even though people who are beneficiaries of the peanuts given to them by the Sirleaf’s machine are increasingly advocating that Liberians be caught unprepared by the true and natural intentions of Madam Sirleaf:  Putting Liberia into another civil conflict and leave.

Madam Sirleaf is naturally stubborn and selfish. ECOWAS, the AU and almost everyone of substance have advised her to let go, but she won’t until anarchy breaks loose in Liberia, and we are not far from that.  All those who Love Liberia must say no to this woman this time by saying enough is enough.  Both Senator George Manneh Weah and Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai are men of peace who also have Liberia at heart.  They need to lead their supporters to see through Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s plan.

To restore confidence in Liberia, everyone must ignore President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s interference.  The entire membership of the electoral commission must be changed or replaced, and the voter roll must be cleaned 100 percent.  Senator Weah must insist on this, and Vice President Boakai must support this.  Liberians need and must have peace. That is what every Liberian, except Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, wants.  At 80, there is no reason why a grandmother will still insist on leaving a nation in conflict just to get her way––The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Way or No Way.

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