It’s quite apparent, voters in Liberia want to hear the voice and a personal message from presidential candidates. Since candidates cannot be everywhere at once and cannot call every registered voter, Liberty party solved this quagmire by successfully introducing Liberia’s first political campaign robo-call system.

According to data delivered to Globe Afrique by Kennedy and Williams, LLC, the firm involved in developing the system, Liberty Party’s robo-call system made thousands of calls to residents in various parts of Liberia on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Roughly 95 percent of the calls were answered and the 36 seconds message was listened to in its entirety.

With robo-calls, the campaign of Presidential Candidate Counsellor Charles W. Brumskine was able to take a pre-recorded message of the counselor’s voice and within a matter of minutes efficiently distribute the message to thousands and thousands of mobile phones across Liberia.

According to the firm that developed the system, Liberty Party plans to use the system as a mass communications platform for future projects in Liberia.

You too can listen to the message by clicking on the link below.

Message from Presidential Candidate Charles W. Brumskine