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Listen to the Songs the Children Sing

A Memoir Reflecting on Some of the Major Social and Political Transformations in Liberia – By Christiana Tah

Listen to the Songs the Children Sing by Liberia’s former Minister of Justice and Attorney General Christina Tah is a thorough and thought-provoking page-turner. In just a short narrative, Tah unveils the rich past and present contradiction of Liberia.

She describes Liberia as a small West African country characterized by a complex social and political history. She brilliantly states how that history reflects the challenges that Africans and African Americans have faced while sharing a shared space and a common destiny for over a century.  

Although Tah, in Listen to the Songs the Children Sing, lays out her journey about growing up in Liberia and serving her country with integrity and dignity, she brilliantly presents the underlining complexities of Africa’s first independent republic.  

Listen to the Songs the Children Sing points out the intrigues and conflicts of Liberia, a nation established in 1847 as a republic by free African-American settlers and their native tribal African hosts and the resulting clash arising from the forced union of African American immigrants and the indigenous African population despite their very different culture and history.

Tah, who has been on both sides, as an observer and player, became the chief law enforcement officer of this complex and historically unique West Africa nation.

In Listen to the Songs the Children Sing, Tah explains how she walks a tightrope within Liberia’s political culture and the justice system as minister of justice and attorney general, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, in her attempt to help put the nation’s justice system on an even keel.

In recounting her journey, Tah, considered as one of the best and competent ministers of justice and attorney generals in Liberia 150 plus years history, covers a range of issues and topics.

In the end, she delivers the lesson that when social issues are left unresolved, a relatively stable social environment can be filled with rage, self-hatred, and self-destruction; consequently, impeding reconciliation and reconstruction.

In this accomplished, atmospheric, thoughtful, and sought after memoir, a former attorney general of Liberia shares her personal history while shedding light on the challenges of restoring the rule of law in a post-conflict environment. This memoir is one of a kind that everyone needs to read. Its context is local, but its implication is global.

To get a copy of Listen to the Songs the Children Sing visit Life Rich Publishing and get an e-copy for an enjoyable read. This memoir is different from any other about Liberia and by a Liberian or West African because it cleverly covers an enormous amount of ground about a complex history and country that needs self-improvement. Undoubtedly, this memoir is compelling.

In this undertaking, Tah shares knowledge, understanding, and experience in a masterful memoir that can enhance readers’ lives in countless ways. Don’t pass this book by; it’s well worth your time and read.

Liberia’s former Minister of Justice and Attorney General Christiana Tah

Christiana Tah was born and raised in Liberia, where she served as Attorney General in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration (2009-2014) and as a junior minister in two previous administrations. She holds an MA degree in Sociology from Kent State University and a graduate law degree from Yale Law School. During the fourteen-year Liberian civil war (1989 -2003).  Ms. Tah relocated to the United States, where she practiced law and, concurrently, taught sociology & criminal justice at the university level. She has published articles in the realm of human rights and the rule of law. She remains the most respected and admired cabinet official in recent Liberia’s history.

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