Part I: Management Information Systems Curriculum in Africa

Do you like Technology, but require a lot more management-based occupation? You very well may think about a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS).  MIS consists of implementing technology to business challenges to identify a resolution.

Quite a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa could reap the benefits of building a strong MIS training curriculum. The introduction of integrated and scalable information systems in Africa, especially in the health sector, is essential.  Before we jump into precisely how essential MIS may benefit Africa, let us take a step back and understand the purpose of an MIS professional.

MIS is a demanding area of study centered on integrating computer-based information methods and business operations to satisfy information demands of businesseses.  MIS professionals require solid communication and problem-solving competencies in addition to a sound knowledge of business principles.  College students who pursue a degree in MIS will likely be distinctively positioned to handle specific concerns linked to the management and development of business. Moreover, MIS experts are in demand because they help companies obtain the most from investment in staff, equipment, and business operations.


MIS is all about controlling why and how individuals, businesses, and markets apply, design, and deploy information technologies to achieve tactical and strategic business goals.  Technology and Business are two of the most compelling influences in the world these days. As technologies continue to advance, many African countries are not keeping pace. In fact, they appear to be lagging in training college students in technology. The need for employees with strong IT skills continue to grow, and the IT job market is thriving in places like India and Singapore.  The growth of information technology curriculum programs in Asia is a key reason technology jobs are leaving the U.S. for Asia rather than Africa.

In the next post, I will expand on how technology curriculum can help develop Africa, particularly in the health sector.

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Larry Kennedy

Larry Kennedy is an avid blogger, along with being a finance and project management professional. He is also an Adjunct Professor teaching Management Information Systems and Finance.
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