Martin Kollie Blasts Liberian President Weah in Article

“Ex-Rebel Generals were hired and paid by Weah-led Government to instigate havoc and lawlessness”, Youth and Student Leader

Martin K. N. Kollie blasts Weah

Enough of this increasing lawlessness and rising violence. The democratic gains of our country are fast diminishing under this ex-Soccer Star. It is time for patriots and nationalists to stand in defense of our nation’s sovereignty and hard-earned democratic reputation. History will judge all of us if we remain silent in the midst of these emerging contradictions.

Representative Yekeh Kolubah has done nothing wrong. He is a patriot and the lone voice in our National Legislature. Therefore, any form of arrest on his person as a result of his critical stance will be considered as a declaration of war on our democracy and all Liberians. We will not only protect Hon. Kolubah, but we will vehemently resist such vicious plot to undermine our country’s peace and security.

President George M. Weah

President Weah and Minister Nathaniel McGill have hired and paid ex-rebel generals to forcibly arrest Hon. Kolubah. Who are they to give an elected officials a 72-hour ultimatum to report himself or risk being dragged? The murderers who should be imprisoned must refrain from beating war drum. They should be held liable for killing over 250,000 of our countrymen.

Sadly, this government is creating a fertile ground for them to justify the heinous atrocities they once committed. By now, all of them should be arrested and imprisoned. But the government won’t because it is an accomplice and a chief-sponsor of this anti-democratic and malevolent precedent. Warmongers and ex-Rebel Generals are regrouping after 15-years of our bitter past occasioned by mass carnage and bloodletting.

Such action has raised a disturbing alarm and it is a threat to our collective security and peace. We will stand up against this with every fiber of our being. Democracy, peace and the rule of law must prevail. We want to reemphasize the urgency for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court. We call on the AU, ECOWAS, UN, EU and US Embassy near Monrovia to prevail upon the Weah-led government to establish this court. The establishment of this Court is non-negotiable in my opinion.

Gone are the days of dictatorship – we say no to a domineering presidency. It is sad that our country only has one branch of government under Weah. The other 2 branches are dead. The Legislature is rubber-stamped while the Judiciary is compromised. In fact, justice is on sale and it has become the cheapest commodity under Weah.

The democratic gains of our nation are fast diminishing. A new born dictator is emerging – Patriots MUST stand up to SAVE Liberia. Therefore, a new movement named and styled “Revolutionary Patriots in Defense of Yekeh Kolubah – REPDOYEK” has been formed. This movement will defend and protect Hon. Yekeh Kolubah and all patriotic lawmakers who are standing up for a NEW LIBERIA.

If Rep. Acarous Gray and Rep. Thomas Fallah think that they can initiate a plot to suspend or expel Rep. Yekeh Kolubah from the 54th National Legislature like they are bragging about doing to Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, they have to think again. Any action of such may plunge our country into a national crisis and evoke a new revolution of popular people’s action. Probably they haven’t read Article 42 of the 1986 Constitution. 

Yesterday, Acarous Gray said “he will give Madam Sirleaf a bitter Liberia”. Morlu also said he will make Liberia ungovernable. They held caskets – threw stones – vandalized properties and disdainfully abused Sirleaf and other ranking members of her government, no one asked ex-Generals to give them a 72-hour ultimatum. They need to refrain from provoking violence. Liberia is not owned by Mr. Weah or CDC.

As we remain very concerned about maintaining peace and stability, this government must refrain from provoking public discontent. Enough is enough.

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