Martin Kollie hits at NPA boss Bill Tweahway alias Gbekugbeh Jr.

Fumigating the Debris from an imbecilic Analogy against SUP – A brief Retort to a ‘Dum-Dum’ in NPA Managing Director Bill Tweahway alias Gbekugbeh Jr. – Part 1

By Martin K. N. Kollie

Former Standard Bearer emeritus

Student Unification Party (SUP)  

As our nation woefully endures another shattering epoch in human history, there must never be a moment where the venom of nonentities and petit rascals should coerce voices of moral consciousness to bow in cowardice and censorship. These are troubling and tragic times confronting Liberia under an extravagant and ill-ideological footballer – a time where mediocrity and tomfoolery have become the highest standards for consideration in public service – a time where merit and integrity have zero worth or zero price tag – a time where most public offices have become horrific theaters of mimics and egoistic illiterates. Too pathetic and poignant to swallow these wrecks!

The Republic continues to footslog in this nightmarish state of shackles and shams. Unless enlightened men and women of courage and conscience stand up in one accord to punctuate these prevailing horrors which are grimly impeding Liberia’s progress, posterity will forever render our generation “inordinatum” (purposeless). In order to avert this injurious legacy, philosophical minds must now begin to boldly detect and detest the debris of jesters and juggernauts whose overriding yearning is to unlawfully annex the sacred corridors of history. In this conscious vanguard, erudite militants, ideologues, and cadres who are fortified to gate-keep must respond to reclaim this sacred bequest by castrating misfits and lame zealots.

With this forethought and a deep sense of duty to history, I am compelled to proffer this brief retort or rebuke to one ‘Dum-Dum’ of a Port Manager in Bill Tweahway alias Gbekugbeh Jr. To delay further in reprimanding this henchman of Gbekugbeh Sr. (George Weah) would stamp a burden of guilt on my conscience. History has bestowed upon me the onus to fumigate the toxin spewed out against the immaculate image and supreme heirloom of the indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP). No myopic mind goes with impunity for committing such grave sacrilege against Africa’s bulwark of ideological and intellectual superiority – The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP).

Gbekugbeh Jr., a misguided adjutant of Weah’s cunning platoon, has to pay the price for his blatant misinterpretation of history and his willful succumb to false analogy. It is a pity beyond all limits for an aging con man like Bill Tweahway to belittle himself as “Gbekugbeh Jr.” even though he is far older than Pres. George Gbekugbeh Weah. Only a “Dum-Dum” auctions his birthright in such a dishonorable manner. A relic like Tweahway as Port Manager of NPA clearly foretells the extent of the wreckage facing Liberia. But this tragic moment also imposes an imperative on us as conscious cadres to nip such wreckage. The undertaking of this historical task must be fulfilled without any form of penitence.

The imbecilic analogy leaping out of Tweahway about a few days ago was only intended to falsely amplify the nauseous profile and ruining the reputation of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). It is a form of abnormal reasoning and sheer vulgarity to even compare ‘a CDC’ with the all-powerful SUP. Such poor judgment is a reflection of zero logic and ballooned ego. How could Gbekugbeh Jr. even compare an ideological vanguard movement of peerless paragons (SUP) with a misguided social club of thuggish elements (CDC)? No wonder why he struggled and stuttered to mislead the public with such a vague analogy.

But as a former Standard Bearer of SUP, I am provoked to use a few minutes of my time to respond to Tweahway’s diatribe due to three (3) essential reasons:

  1. To puncture his LIES about SUP in a video that has gone viral on social media;
  2. To unpack the debris in his closet;
  3. To warn him to refrain from using NPA as a corridor for political conscription/coercion.

Gbekugbeh Jr. is actually ‘a nobody’ in the real sense of the world but his arrogance deserves a stern rebuke, not because of his proximity to Gbekugbeh Sr., but because of the position he currently occupies. I blame his wild claim and thoughtless tantrum against SUP on political patronage and pomposity. But like Tweah and McGill, so is Tweahway. The phenotype of the trio is analogous to their master (Gbekugbeh Sr.) –and on his back, they’ve become leeching predators and plunderers of public capitals!

What did Gbekugbeh Jr. say about SUP?

In a futile attempt to vainly align the impeccable repute of cadres and philosophers of SUP to a pro-CDC precedent of preferring inept morons to contest as candidates in public elections, Bill Tweahway ignorantly said in his usual colloquial parlance:

“…we got one big work for us to do. The work has to do with recapturing Montserrado. When I was on LU campus, they had one party call SUP. All we know SUP must win. Even if SUP has a dog on the ticket, everybody will say ooo that person that dog oo and everybody will vote for that dog. Even if they say the person da rogue here. They will say the rogue da our rogue. From the time SUP was founded, only one time they have sustained defeat. I was in the other party call SIM. The 10 years I spent there, they beat us in all the elections.”

This is the video link to Tweahway’s imbecilic analogy  

Before fumigating Tweahway’s debris, it is important to note that the CDC-led government is a rogue regime that continues to shield petit mafias to raid Liberia. Tweahway is one of Weah’s criminal proxies that is strategically positioned as Managing Director at the National Port Authority (NPA) to fast-track and patronize institutionalized thievery at the expense of the ordinary masses.

President Weah left Bill Tweahway right

Like Gbekugbeh Sr., Gbekugbeh Jr. has a roguish makeup and mischievous credential. In a subconscious mood, he thinks SUP is like his criminal enterprise (CDC, SIM, and STUDA). How could a “senior official” of government even speak in such a weird manner? Bill Tweahway knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about SUP. Unlike CDC and SIM, SUP has never and will never place a “dog” or a “rogue” on its party’s ticket.

The doctrine of SUP which is firmly anchored to massescracy, unapologetically abhors mediocrity and criminality. Our Party (SUP) has zero tolerance for ineptitude, patronage, elitism, state plunder, indiscipline, egotism, and the wanton abuse of power. The almighty SUP remains the only mass-based and ideological movement in Liberia that has produced and continues to produce the highest number of trained professionals and acclaimed technocrats in different academic fields.

The Vanguard Party will forever remain the citadel of brain-trust and idea-surplus. The students have always voted and will always vote for SUP because we’ve never comprised our ideals to gallantly struggle for social justice, academic freedom, and peace. The enviable stature and superiority of SUPists are too heroic to compare with the sycophantic prototype of a group racketeering puppets in SIM, STUDA, and even CDC.

The Student Unification Party (SUP) is even on record for suspending and expelling its own for acts inimical to the constitution, tradition, and precedents of SUP. In SUP, self-mutual criticism and democratic centralism are fundamental ideals that our Party espouses. Does Gbekugbeh Jr. really know SUP or he is pretending to know SUP after spending a decade of his time on nothingness at UL?

Gbekugbeh Jr. must understand that the students could neither vote for SIM nor STUDA all the 10 years he spent at UL because their “best and brightest” could not even match up to the beginner militants of SUP. Up to date, this unchallenged reality is yet to change. Like SIM and STUDA, CDC too is a mushroom cavalcade of nitwits and simpletons. But for the sake of this response, the most suitable semblance of their truest persona is, “a column of clueless bigots and arrogant illiterates”.

The harangue coughed out by Tweahway against SUP is an inevitable similarity of CDC, SIM, and STUDA. The peculiarities of this trio (CDC, SIM, and STUDA) are grounded in inanity, novicity, and notoriety. The catchphrase “All we know, SUP must win” was ignorantly misconstrued by this ‘Dum-Dum’ of a Managing Director who has zero knowledge in Port Management and Administration. “All we know, SUP must-win” is a revolutionary slogan that inspires, compels, and motivates all SUPISTS to settle for nothing less than VICTORY –and this victory has always been won through intellectual warfare, academic preeminence, ideological strategies, revolutionary consciousness, and mass mobilization/recruitment.

It is a pity that this aging adjutant of Weah’s hegemony in Gbekugbeh Jr. does not even understand ‘Dialectical and Historical Materialism’ and ‘Marxism-Leninism’. SUP is willing to offer free tutorial for SIM, STUDA, and CDC. But does Bill Tweahway along with pro-Weah cronies have any ounce of moral rectitude to even question an armed robber? Not yesterday or even now! US$25m for mop-up, L$16b new banknotes, and US$152m of net foreign reserves remain unaccounted for under Gbekugbeh Sr. The CDC-led government is a ROGUE REGIME in all dimensions.

This is the same Bill Tweahway who was politically whipped in District #4 in the 2017 Representative Election after failing his constituents for 6 consecutive years. This was the same Bill Tweahway who could not even manage a junior high school in District #3. This is the same Bill Tweahway who could not propose a single bill whilst serving as Chairman on Education at the House of Representatives. This con artist in Tweahway could not produce a single policy prescription or public administration strategy while serving as Director of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA).

The Gateway to Liberia’s Economy, The Freeport of Monrovia, is again a victim of Tweahway’s poor leadership ability. The revenue base of this public corporation (NPA) has sharply declined. Like his boss, Tweahway is not policy-based, vision-prone, impact-driven, agenda-focused, and accountable. This was the same Bill Tweahway who gave US$30,000 to a Liberian musician (D12) just for performing a single song (Born To Win) on Independence Day. The NPA under Tweah recently bankrolled CDC’s failed political jamboree. Tweahway had three (2) extravagant parties at 3 different locations for his birthday.

The account of NPA is fast depleting as mass plunder remains prevalent under Gbekugbeh Jr. and Gbekugbeh Sr. The challenges at NPA are so vast but all Tweahway cares about is to politicize this public enterprise. Such anti-democratic and intolerable precedent violates Article 18 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia and the 1970 Act of the National Legislature establishing the Free Port of Monrovia. Political conscription and coercion is totally unacceptable and CDC needs to put an end to such misrule and abuse of power. The NPA is not the Headquarters of CDC. The gimmick must end now! Gbekugbeh Jr. has miserably failed everywhere he has ever served. He is a monstrous symbol of FRAUD and everything that FAILURE represents.

In all terms, the debris thrown at SUP by this ‘Dum-Dum’ in Bill Tweahway is not only baseless but it lacks believability. Such imbecility is only good enough for MCC Trashcan. SUPists have been and remain the proudest, the brightest, the best, the most patriotic, the most accountable, the most responsible, the most ideological/conscious, the most impactful, the most educative, the most innovative, the most serviceable, the most honest, the most tolerant, the most peaceful, the most humbled, and the most progressive with an undisputed history of STRUGGLE. What is your struggle history? You have none besides beggary and thievery!

Let me just name a few SUPISTS who you and your likes cannot even match up to: Dr. Louise Mapleh Kpoto, Prof. Alaric Tokpa, Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier, Hon. James Fromoyan, Dr. Joseph D. Korto, Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, Cllr. Kofi Woods, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, Hon. Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, Dr. Kerkula Foeday, Dr. George Gonpu, Mr. Abraham Doedeh, Cdr. Wuo Gappie Tapiah, Cdr. Wiwi Debah, Cdr. Tonia Richardson, Hon. Dusty Wollokollie, Madam Lusieya Massaley, Cde. Augustus J. Panton (Ph.D), Cdr. Federick Gorbawolie, Cdr. Irene Nimpson, Cdr. Swanzee Elliott, etc.

Beyond this end, SUP remains faultless and flawless. Without SUP, the multi-party democracy or the pluralistic democratic atmosphere that CDC, SIM, and STUDA are enjoying today would have been inconceivable. Be grateful to SUP and SUPists for risking their lives for a country you are now looting without remorse. Be glad that you are now surviving on the sweat, blood, and tears of fallen compatriots and fellow SUPISTS. Such benevolence is enthralled in MASSESCRACY.

Never again must you attempt to inflate your role or CDC’s role in history by using SUP as a reference point for your thoughtless analogy. CDC, SIM, and STUDA are not in the same league with SUP. Neither yesterday – nor today –or even tomorrow! SUP is the originator of history whilst you are the duplicator. It is ludicrous to even compare Junior Professionals FC with Real Madrid FC. It is like willfully sending a Rat to challenge a Lion. This is just Part 1 of my response to Tweahway’s twaddle and bumkum against the Vanguard Student Unification Party.

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is an exiled activist, columnist, and emerging economist. He served as Standard Bearer, Secretary General, and Chairman on Information, Propaganda, Research, and Guidance of the ever-potent Student Unification Party (SUP).

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