Matilda Parker Denies Asset Ownership in Florida, USA; Presents “Facts”

Ms. Matilda Wokie Parker, ex-Liberia’s National Port Authority managing director

West Africa — The former managing director of the Liberia’s National Port Authority (NPA), Ms. Matilda Wokie Parker, has denied Globe Afrique’s investigative report that she owes any property or bought any property in the US state of Florida since becoming managing director.

Parker speaks to reporters

On August 28, 2017, Globe Afrique’s research and analysis unit published a sales document and a story, captioned: “African officials accused of corruption buying properties in the US.”  In the story, it was reported that Ms. Parker, who is under investigation for corruption charges in Liberia owed assets in the United States, including a house in Florida and a plot of land recently purchased in Leon County, Florida.

Ms. Parker, in a communication sent on her behalf by one Mr. George Kennedy, maintains that a home in Florida and a plot of land which documentation was published by Globe Afrique’s research and analysis has no connection to her, adding, “The property belongs to another lady named Matilda Parker.”

In the email statement communicated through Mr. Kennedy, Ms. Parker said, “I, Matilda W. Parker, do not own any property in Florida. I have never been to or lived in Tallahassee, Florida.

The statement continued, “If you google “Matilda Parker Florida”, you will see that a Matilda B. Parker lived or lives in Tallahassee Florida.   Matilda B. Parker is listed as 27 years old.   (This is definitely not my age).  Additionally, the search says “We found records for people named Matilda Parker in 74 cities throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and 27 more states.”

The communication further read, “This indicates that although this name is beautiful, it is popular.  The above Zillow report shows that the house in Tallahassee was bought on July 21, 2016.  The FHA document was signed on July 14, 2017.  Matilda W. Parker was in Liberia at this time.”

“Matilda W. Parker owns only one house in the USA.  It is located in Texas.   Said house was purchased years prior to the acceptance of the MD position at NPA,” the statement added.

Ms. Parker continued, “The Matilda Parker case was compared with that of Mahmoud Thiam of Guinea.  The Americans do not judge corruption cases for Guinea or Liberia.  Thiam was convicted for Money Laundering in America.”

“The Matilda Parker case, which remains ongoing, is for Economic Sabotage and Criminal Conspiracy in Liberia.   The Constitution provides that a person is innocent until proven guilty,” the statement read.

Ms. Parker asserted further, “There has been no proof of guilt thus far.  Matilda W. Parker is not a USA citizen but she is a Resident.  She has copies all of tax documents for her home in Dallas, and for the period that she worked.”

Globe Afrique thanks Ms. Parker for these clarifications. As an investigative and independent media entity with focus on Africa, the institution values truths, clarity and facts as well as in presenting all sides of an issue in a fair, honest and detached manner.

While Ms. Parker’s clarification is welcomed and has shown another side of the picture regarding her asset ownership in the United States, Globe Afrique’s research and analysis remains committed to conducting further investigations to assist Ms. Parker and the public obtain the facts.

Until then, Globe Afrique expresses gratitude to Ms. Parker for providing these clarifications, wishes her well, and looks forward to following her Economic Sabotage and Criminal Conspiracy case in Liberia.

To assist conclude our investigation, Globe Afrique urges Ms. Parker to provide additional clarifications regarding when and how her stated “home” in Dallas, Texas was paid off to avoid misconception that she must have paid off the residence after becoming managing director of the National Port Authority, an agency at which she has been accused of “Economic Sabotage and Criminal Conspiracy” in Liberia.

She could also reveal all financial transfer documents made from Liberia to the United States after she became managing director, including what her financial asset was prior to and after she became managing director of the NPA.

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