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Meet Giovanni Parisi (G-PREE): The European Musical Talent

ROME –  The belief that musical talent is a matter of aptitude, not instinct, may be true, but Giovanni Parisi, popularly known as G-Pree, has both the talent and the instinct when it comes to music.

GPree, who has downplayed his musical gifts over the years, is now ready to engage the world of music as a career.

GPree has proven that some people are born with greater aptitude, and they can develop skill on a musical instrument much faster than do others and rise to higher stages of advancement.

Some of the qualities successful musicians possess are:
• Confidence. There are many successful musicians today who had no other choice of career except music, so they gave their 100% to it. …
• Hard Work. They say that hard work is the first stepping stone to success. …
• Practice. …
• Modesty. …
• Patience and Not Giving Up. …
• Creativity.

GPree has the qualities that every successful musician possesses and he is ready to experiment in the musical domain.  The Sri Lankan born G-Pree is a son of an Italian father and a Liberian mother.  Resident in Rome, Italy, G-Pree who is also a talented actor and model hopes to tour the domain of music and the entertainment.

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Ben Mabande

Ben Mabande is a researcher and senior contributing reporter with Globe Afrique Media.
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