Aïcha Koné is an Ivorian singer born on May 21, 1957, in Abidjan.  Most of her lyrics are in Bambara or Malinké.

Aicha had a difficult start due to her father. Dr. Moussa Y. Koné, opposition to seeing his daughter embrace a musical career instead of being a doctor or a banker.

Aïcha began her musical career with the Ivorian Radio Television Orchestra ( ORTI ) where she worked as a chorist under the direction of, among others, Boncana Maïga.

Aicha Koné says they helped her to “organize and organize herself.”  One of Aicha’s early influencer was South African Myriam Makeba, whom she met during Makeba’s Guinean exile.

Aicha released her first single Denikeleni in 1979 and has since established herself on the African music scene.  She is a stage artist who performs around the world. She is the only Ivorian singer to have obtained two gold records and more than 45 awards and trophies.