If laughter is the best medicine, then Miracle Gbayee is surely the pharmacy. Over the last few months, Ms. Gbayee’s popularity has grown steadily through her unapologetic Facebook Live videos that “keep it real” – Liberian style.

Miracle is best known for her trademark dances, her love for food and her personal advise on current events. The arrival and proliferation of smartphones along with the introduction of social media in sub-Saharan Africa has given rise to a new genre of African comedy centered on personal life stories.

In the sketch below she titled “The reason most young men cheat on their wives with an older woman”, the sketch begins with Miracle receiving a call from the angry wife of her young lover. In the sketch, she’s asked to take her “fifty-years old rusty a##” from behind the woman’s husband. She responds to the wife saying, “fine girl you got it all wrong oh” your man says, using her authentic Liberian accent, “you’re working one hundred hours a week…” one can’t help but laugh as many understand the ‘typical’ Liberian culture in the U.S. that works the ‘double-double’  to make ends meet – thus, leaving their partner all alone at home.

Watch the rest of the sketch below and get your laugh on!

Thanks to comediennes like Miracle Gbayee for their sometimes-raunchy style that’s unrepentant in promoting Liberia on the international stage, as well as promoting African unity through laughter. I highly recommend you put the kids to bed and subscribe to Miracle’s channel; And oh yes, be prepared to laugh – because it’s the best medicine.