Mohamed S. Kromah urged to contest senate seat vacated by President Weah

NEW YORK —A veteran administrator with more than 30 years in public service and institutional management both in Liberia and the United States, Honorable Mohamed S. Kromah is being urged to contest the senatorial seat vacated by President George Manneh Weah in Montserado County, Liberia.

Since January 1, 2018, thousands of Liberians have been calling upon Honorable Kromah to contest the senatorial seat.  Many of those urging Mr. Kromah include prominent leaders from various tribal groups in Monrovia and throughout the country.

Mr. Kromah brings a wealth of experience, having served in senior management positions in the United States and as a former managing director of the Liberia Industrial Free Zone Authority (LIFZA) during the administration of interim president (Chairman) Charles Gyude Bryant.

As head of the Free Zone, Honorable Kromah made several promising international arrangements to establish an Industrial Park in Montserrado County that would have provided a great opportunity to create and provide private sector job opportunities for Liberians.

The industrial park which Honorable Kromah still envisions and for which he has maintained regular contacts with prospective investors would also serve as an outlet for foreign products.

Last year, the World Conference of Mayors appointed Honorable Kromah to serve on its Planning Committee for the WCM Detroit 2017, according to a dispatch that quoted Reverend Jim Holley, organizing Chairman for the World Conference of Mayors Detroit 2017.

In the communication sent to Honorable Kromah and signed by its Chairman, the world mayors had tasked the seasoned Liberian administrator with the recruiting of attendees and sponsors for the World Conference of Mayors Landmark conference which was hosted by the WCM and supported by the City of Detroit in the United States.

Honorable Kromah enjoys widespread support and admiration across a broad spectrum of the Liberian scape; these include tribal groups, religious divide, and professional organizations.

Honorable Kromah was born in Bong County, Liberia and is fluent in both Kpelle and Mandingo.  He briefly studied in Liberia and moved to the United States to obtain a legal and other education.

The former president of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, founding chairman of the New Liberia Party and its current political director, Honorable Kromah brings a wealth of political skills and leadership to the eventual senatorial race.

Photo L/R: Dr. Margaret Nagana – Kromah and Honorable Mohamed S. Kromah in 2005 in the USA

Honorable Kromah studied administration, institutional communication, and law.  He is regarded as a straight shooter, incorruptible leader, and discipline and effective negotiator. His skills in building consensus and forming a collaborative relationship, a factor seriously needed in the Liberian legislature,  are excellent.

Honorable Kromah is a resident of Oldest Congo Town where he has his residence. He is married to Dr. Margaret Nagana–Kromah of the Kpelle ethnic group from Lofa and Bong counties.

Many believed Honorable Kromah, a widely known and popular figure, could pull an upset and smart victory in the pending senatorial by-election considering that he enjoys a significant degree of credibility and respect from a cross-section of Liberians.

Although Honorable Kromah has not formally declared his intention to contest, sources close to him have confirmed that there is a push from the Kpelle, Mandingo, Grebo and Kru communities in Monrovia for him to run.

Mr. Amara Mohammed Konneh, a potential Senate Candidate who hails from the same Mandingo ethnic group as Honorable Kromah.

When contacted, Honorable Kromah said he is expected to make his intention regarding the matter known in the coming weeks.  Honorable Kromah who has been meeting with some members of the United States Congress, mayors of various cities in the United States, is expected to visit Europe, Asia, the Middle East and few countries in West Africa, including Nigeria, Senegal, the Gambia, and Guinea before landing in Liberia.

So far, the only potential major contenders against Honorable Kromah, should he decide to run for the senatorial seat, are DJ Blue and Representative Acarous Gray.

In a matchup opinion polling conducted by the renowned Globe Afrique’s research and analysis unit with another potential candidate from the Mandingo ethnic group, former finance and development planning minister, Mr. Amara Mohammed Konneh, Honorable Kromah scored a wide margin of 90 percent to 10 percent for Konneh among the Liberian Mandingo communities both in Liberia, the United States and Europe.

That means Honorable Kromah would easily secure support from a growing and stable political block while advancing to the larger Liberian community.  Unlike, Honorable Kromah, Mr. Konneh will have to first win a majority support from his kinsmen and women before seeking a wider support from the rest of the Liberian communities.

Mr. Konneh, a former member of the ruling Unity Party which ruled Liberia from 2006 to 2018 under Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is said to have allegedly crossed over to the ruling governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of incumbent president H.E. Goerge Manneh Weah. Many in the CDC, especially its youth wing and the USA and European branches are opposed to former officials of the former Liberian government crossing carpet and running on the CDC’s ticket.

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Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens is a researcher, media issues analyst and senior contributor with Globe Afrique.

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