Movement to Stop Homosexuality in Liberia (MOUHIL)

Press Statement

MONROVIA, Liberia- (Dec 11, 2017) – The Movement to Stop Homosexuality in Liberia- an offshoot of the Men United to Stop Financial Violence– seizes this moment to extend quintuple and hearty congratulations to all the fighting forces for standing up against the menace of financial violence—scheme orchestrated by some females to not only decimating our men but also relegate them to the status of wretched cannon fodders.

Our campaign gained traction and trended on social media, becoming a catchy subject for discussion and argumentation, to the annoyance of certain conservative females, but also to the glee of other females who refused to be imprisoned by the hysteria of gender bias.

The Movement articulates in all certain terms that hence it has started a campaign directed at homosexuality in our country, whose toll on the homeland is egregious and scandalous at once, thereby implanting a social nastiness that undermines our Africaness and thus introduces a social sacrilege that tends to halt the cycle of biological procreation and recreation of humanity.

Our Movement reminds the perpetrated of such savagery that it contravenes Article 5b of the Liberian Constitution which calls for the preservation, protection, and promotion of positive Liberian culture. Similarly, it runs in diametrical opposition to the psychological precept of gender constancy: “The recognition that being male or female is to all intents and purposes irrevocable.”

The Movement confirms that just as it is an established fact that there is a troubling preponderance of some privileged men sexually abusing some underprivileged boys in exchange for either job or scholarship opportunities to study at Ivy League institutions so there are some older women who are sexually abusing some young girls in exchange for either money or material things.

Today, “Bunga eating or goat head eating,” to use our Liberian parlance, is becoming a lead criterion of the criteria to obtain a job or scholarship at some ministries or parastatals of government, thereby denying hard working and morally conscious brothers and sisters’ opportunities that should be given based on merit.

This festering social degeneracy is leading to low productivity in government and thus contributing to systemic corruption in it, as perpetrators who are ministers gave their spouses the license to do as they (the spouses) wish. Secondly, the bloated wage bill of the Liberian government and the attendant salary inequality are all the net effect of the widespread “Bunga eating or goat head eating.”

We inform the public that we are privy to the names of some ministers and their underlings who are involved in such activities. It is only in the matter of days that we will not only reveal and shame these individuals for the punks and faggots they are, but we will also stage a peaceful protest at those ministries and agencies, to curb and discourage this absurdity that is eating the moral fabric of our society.

Signed: _______________________________

Faluku Freeman, Secretary General

Approved: _____________________________

Alfred P.B. Kiadii, Chairman


Editor’s Note: Most Liberians believe and support a human and people’s rights, but they see homosexuality as un-traditional to African culture and values.  Most Liberians also believe homosexual tendencies became prevalent when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf assumed office and brought in her kitchen cabinet and others, who, they say instituted the habit.

However, it is important to note that Globe Afrique is an open media forum. Our policies do not discriminate against anyone based on race, political affiliation, gender, social status, religion or sexual orientation.

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