The Real Game: The Charles Taylor’s Agenda Versus The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Agenda

MY TURN: When Mr. Alan White, the American who prosecuted Charles Taylor for Taylor’s role in the Sierra Leone genocide, told VOA that Charles Taylor had been talking to Senator George Weah of the CDC to have his wife Jewel Taylor as Weah’s vice president, CDC faithful are called Mr. White a liar. They demanded and challenged Mr. White to provide any “evidence” that Mr. Weah talked to Charles Taylor.

In the VOA broadcast, Mr. White said the United States government has “source” information on talks between Weah and Taylor. Money from Taylor surrogates to Weah for his presidential campaign would be the bait to hook Weah. And the Americans said an initial down payment of $100,000.00 was delivered to Weah to seal the deal for Jewel to be on the Weah ticket.

Taylor Agenda: To give power to George Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor so that he can come home or remote control things from anywhere in the world.

Three months later after all the denials, Weah admitted to the obvious that he had spoken with Charles Taylor from his prison cell in Great Britain, locked up for 50 years. CDC did not offer any apology to Mr. White.

During Charles Taylor birthday celebration in late January–recording on YouTube–Taylor warned of “consequences” for those he said “betrayed” him. “I may be in jail, but no one can ever imprison Charles Taylor’s mind,” Taylor said, and he called on his NAP faithful’s to ” return to base/NPP.”

Thus, the “Taylor Agenda” had gained traction and wife Jewel and former NPP Secretary-General Cyril Allen became the spokespersons.

Mr. Cyril Allen first mentioned restoring the “NPP Regime” once the deal was reached with George Weah. Jewel Taylor boldly told her NPP faithful’s the Weah-Jewel team would “restore the Taylor Agenda” if they win the elections. So, what is the “Taylor Agenda?”

The Taylor Agenda, for the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone, meant war, death, destruction, mayhem, lawlessness, rape and chaos. That is the Taylor Agenda.

The Taylor Agenda was conceived, planned and financed from America by no other than Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In her 2009 book, “This Child Will Be Great” Ellen confessed to her role as the architect, financier and chief mastermind of the Liberian genocide that cost 250,000 lives. She visited Taylor on the frontlines in but go, Numbs and met him again in Paris, France.

When you see Ellen late in the game joining Charles Taylor to support a naive George Manneh Weah, you must ask yourself, why? Just imagine Charles Taylor, Ellen who was instrumental in turning Taylor over for trial, Jewel Taylor, Cyril Allen, Kuku Dennis, John T. Richardson all playing on the same team captained by football ace turned politician George Oppong Weah? This is a cat and mouse deadly game that Weah does not understand.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Agenda: To give power to her her son Robert Sirleaf as well as protect her family and friends’ not-so-transparent and ill-gotten wealth.  Ellen’s support for the CDC is not about the love of Liberia or Weah and Jewel.  It is all about Robert and his side “special friends” in their thing–All those young made over-night millionaire and star officials during the Sirleaf’s administration. The aim is to make Robert a senator to replace Weah and later a vice president to Weah after Weah dashes Jewel Howard Taylor. And Robert will become president and then bring his beloved “special friend” as vice president.

Liberians are not surprised that Weah is conspicuously mute on this Taylor Agenda talk and the political marriage between his CDC and Taylor’s notorious NPFL/NPP. Buyer beware.

A few things worth highlighting: Weah voted for the Lebanese owned RIA hotel to pay taxes but Jewel voted against the bill.

Jewell told Liberians in Minnesota this year her $185,000.00 yearly salary as Senator is too little and needed to be increased. Where will the money come from now that American President Donald Trump, who is opposed to Taylor meddling in Liberian politics, has shut the US free money pipeline to Liberia and too much of the corrupt regimes around the world?

The US Congress just last month passed a Resolution denouncing the Weah-Taylor political marriage fueled by Charles Taylor.

ECOWAS and the Mano River Union of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast have all expressed concerns over Taylor’s reported interference in the Liberian presidential elections.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s belated support to Weah switching her support from Charles Brumskine is all about protecting her interests and not so much that she loves Weah.

She and her corrupt family and cronies feel Weah does not have the sophistication to untangle her corrupt tentacles. But importantly, that Weah will not send her to the International War Crimes Court to join her battlefront general Charles Taylor in jail.

But Weah is playing a dangerous game to be so trusting of the two most conning and cunning Liberians alive today: Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Enough reason to go with Joseph Nyumah Boakai, now you know the “Taylor Agenda.” Hope it won’t be, “I told you so.”

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Jerry Wehtee Wion

Jerry Wehtee Wion is a veteran Liberian journalist and political commentator. His work experience includes serving as a former radio announcer and sports journalist for the ELWA radio in Liberia, press commentator to the Liberian presidency (1980- 1981), and as a staffer with the Associated Press in New York. He is currently based in Washington, DC and runs an informative call-in Liberian news hotline known as LANSNews.
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