Netherlands prolongs military Operations against Islamic State

Dutch’s field uniform soldiers

EUROPE–– The Kingdom of the Netherlands said it will increase its military campaign against the fanatical Islamic State’s militia in Iraq and Syria for another year.

The Netherlands joined other leading European nations the UK, France and Germany in support a coordinated effort in defeating terrorists around the world.

According to a Monday release in The Hague, the Netherlands’ engagement in a United Nations peacekeeping mission in the West African state of Mali as well as the NATO operation in Afghanistan are being extended until 2018.

Globe Afrique has learned that The Netherlands presently contributes about 250 infantry soldiers and four combat aircrafts to the international coalition against the Islamic State.

Sources say, about 155 Dutch military trainees are positioned in Iraq, with four F-16 aircrafts while the rest of the remaining personnel are posted in eastern Syria.

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Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens is a researcher, media issues analyst and senior contributor with Globe Afrique.
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