New Nonprofit Stefania Forte Education Foundation (SFEF) Launches, operates in developing countries

PHILADEPHIA, USA–––The Stefania Forte Education Foundation (SFEF) offers learning and training opportunities and enhances the educational experience of school children in poor and rural communities, especially those in developing countries, by providing scholarships or financial support and other needed resources, according to Foundation’s website.

According to the foundation’s executive director, Dr. Stefania Forte, in most cases, SFEF will establish and operate schools for girls or girls’ educational programs in existing public schools in poor and rural communities.  SFEF will also advocate for and ensure girls’ right to education and protection from marginalization. Dr. Forte said SFEF will also promote community and social awareness regarding the abuse of children.

Established in 2017 by Dr. Stefania Forte, Ph.D., SFEF’s mission is to build local and international partnerships that foster change in the educational sector of developing nations while impacting schools, communities, and societies at large.

Through these partnerships, SFEF hopes to provide equity in, and higher education access to school children in poor and rural communities in developing countries such as Liberia and other nations in West Africa; broaden students’ horizons and promote understanding of promising career pathways and labor market trends.

“Our aim is to also introduce computers and STEM occupational activities and train students, especially girls, in leadership and tolerance”, Dr. Forte said.

The foundation also announced the launch of its website,, today.

Dr. Forte in conversation with a Liberian female student as a member of her staff looks on.

A significant aspect of the foundation’s overall goal includes advancing a creative solution that ensures equity and excellence in education for low-income students and children from poverty-stricken homes.

SFEF strongly believes in learning that focuses and prioritizes emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education for students, especially girls. This concept is rooted in the founder’s (Dr. Stefania Forte) belief that in order to alleviate extreme poverty and promote the integral human development of school children who are poor and marginalized, they must be provided the appropriate training, education, and other social empowerment activities.

In addition, the foundation is seeking donors, institutional and individual partners, to help fund the scholarships and STEM training it offers for poor students.  To learn more about the Foundation, visit the website:

In a related development, the founder and executive director of SFEF, Dr. Stefania Forte, will be visiting the Mafi Zongo Electoral Area in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region of Ghana from 4th March to 10 March 2019.

Her visit is solely at the invitation of the region’s parliamentarian and the people of the Mafi Electoral Area who are regarded for their excellent global records in community development and leadership.

SFEF plans to support the micro businesses of 5 women as well as support 5 female students in the Mafi Zongo Electoral Area.

Dr. Forte, born to an Italian father and a Liberian mother, is a citizen of the United States of America and holds a Ph.D (Doctorate Degree) in Education with emphasis in Instruction and Curriculum Development.  She also holds Liberian and Italian citizenships, and speaks fluent Italian and proficient Spanish.

Before establishing and leading SFEF, she worked in non-profit education and the empowerment of girls and women for the past 7 years. She has also served as a senior executive and managing partner of a profitable and flourishing housing and real estate business in the United States. Educated in the United States and Europe, Dr. Forte also holds two master’s degrees.

SFEF hopes to engage and sign partnership agreements with communities in Africa. Most recently, the Mayor of Monrovia, in the Republic of Liberia welcomed a partnership with SFEF in relations to youth empowerment and advocacy.

Even though Dr. Forte has visited and lived in Africa, this is the first time she will be visiting Ghana.  While in Ghana, she would visit all the four basic schools in the area and is scheduled to launch a girl child programme in all four schools.

Dr. Forte will also establish and launch a branch of SFEF in Ghana and hire a female education professional to head its operations. 

At the close of her trip, Dr. Forte will pay a courtesy call on some senior citizens of the Electoral Area in Accra.

SFEF has hired Kennedy & Williams, LLC, , a U.S.-based global management consulting firm specializing in organizational development, project management, research, information technology, job creation, and workforce development to help lead its institutional development efforts.

SFEF founder and Executive Director, Dr. Forte chat with girls in Liberia
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