No excuse for Libya’s action. It must be punished to deter others

A Christian migrant crucified in Libya for being a migrant and a Christian

There is no excuse whatsoever for the inhumane way the Libyans have treated thousands of sub-Sahara African migrants.  In fact, this seems to be a pattern in most exclusive Muslim countries in the Middle East and in Muslim dominated countries in Asia and North Africa.

It is time that all good Muslims in developed nations and around the world as well as those of us who frequently campaign for the rights of Arab Muslims in the United States, Europe, Canada and around the world to stand against these kinds of hypocrisy and evil mentality that are based on a twisted understanding of religion.

A Libyan with  machete trying to behead  dozens of migrants

According to migrant victims treated inhumanely in Libya, the Libyan evil doers recited religious verses as they carried out their evil plans, activities, and actions against their fellow human beings.  No religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. can claim to be a decent faith if its adherents behave and act like lions, dogs, and pigs.  The action of the Libyans was certainly no different.

Several months ago, US president Donald J. Trump, Sr. listed Libya as one of the Muslim countries where he did not want immigrants coming from until the US government understood what the hell was going on in those countries.

Whether we disagree with President Trump on some other things and policies, the evil culture of Libyans against people from other countries show the reason why President Trump may have been right.

There is also no way to believe that the destructive actions and activities carried out against the migrants in Libya were unknown to the Libyan government.  After all, they are all one and the same.  The so-called Libyan government’s response to the regional and international criticisms against what happened and Libya as a nation for condoning such practices suggest otherwise.

The Libyan government’s response to the barrage of criticisms is that “It is unfair to them because they are overwhelmed by illegal immigration.”

Another migrant being asked to take poison or get killed by a bullet to his head

This callous response from a racism and dangerous nation should be further condemned.  Libya does not deserve to ever be on any serious international council or committee including the United Nation Human Rights Council.

More importantly, Sub Sahara African nation must sanction Libya and all Libyan citizens to teach them all a lesson.  If this is not done, some other Muslim dominated North Africa nations would do just what the psychologically deranged Libyan criminals and others did to the migrants.

There is also every reason why President Donald J. Trump should ban Libyans from entering the United States. Let them stay where they belong.  Lastly, while we believe the United States is a country of freedom, democracy and more, US authorities should be careful in spreading and seeking freedom for people who, by their history, culture and twisted belief-system, do not deserve it.

Some Muslim countries and their citizens are not worth U.S. sacrifices.  Libya and Iraq are but a few of them.  Now, we know that Muammar Khaddaffi was good for Libya than the thugs who are running around in the country enslaving others.

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