On Boko Haram Insecurity in Nigeria, Buhari Is all Talk, No Action

Upon entering office, President Buhari, left, and Vice President Obinbajo, right, docorate new Service chiefs as Boko Haram’s Jihadist Sect lives on

The Nigerian government, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, is all about empty talk and no concrete action. The Nigerian government’s struggle to hit the mark on the issue of Jihadism and extremism from crazies acting under the pretext of a dignified religion: Islam.

There is nowhere in any religion that murders of innocent people and the destruction of properties and communities is allowed. Yet Boko Haram’ mayhem continues in and throughout Nigeria, a country considered the superpower of West Africa and one of the superpowers in Africa.

Although members of the Nigeria government finally seem to have agreed on a consistent message: Boko Haram is bad. But mere statements won’t make a pressing question go away: what is the Nigerian government going to do about the rash of Jihadism and religious intolerance as hate crimes based on increases in Nigeria?

Most, if not all the people in Boko Haram are from the north of Nigeria and they are from tribes and the same religion as most of Nigeria’s most powerful leaders, including President Buhari, a one-time power army general. In addition, many of the influential people in the country are also from the north.

These people know the problem and the solution to Boko Haram, but they are failing to deal with it accordingly. The government of Nigeria also knows the sources of Boko Haram’s energy but it has and continues to fail in hitting the nail on the coffins.

Boko Haram is a threat to Nigeria’s civilization and more so a major threat to West Africa, especially neighboring nations like Ghana, Cameroon etc. Talk and talk about security planning and operation would seem to be an empty rhetoric from the Nigerian government and from President Buhari when the all-powerful might of the Nigerian military is not apply. There is no need for Boko Haram to have a haven in Nigeria when one considers few questions.

Who is the funding source of Boko Haram? Where do they obtain their weaponry from? Is there a supply route outside of Nigeria? Is the Nigerian military that so pride itself of being one of the best in Africa so incompetent in crushing a fitted and makeshift sect like Boko Haram? Has Nigeria as a nation come to term in involving the various Imams in the country regarding the atrocities committed by a group of thugs acting in the name of Islam, a revered religion?

Nigerians dashed former president Goodluck Jonathan and elected President Buhari, in part, because they felt he could address the Boko Haram’s insecurity in the country as a former army general and a fellow Muslim. So far, that trust and confidence seem to be falling apart because the “general” and Muslim Buhari is all talk and no action.

The more he talks and talks, the more the Jihadist group commits more atrocities against innocent Nigerians, especially Christians and people of other faiths. As a result, the predominantly Christian north is pondering a breakaway from the country to form their nation. This is not helpful for the unity of Nigeria. It is indeed not in the interest of West Africa, a region vulnerable to extensive insecurity due to massive youth unemployment and poverty. Therefore, we must continue to ask the difficult questions and demand not only answers, but action as well.

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