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Only in Liberia: A Legislator Wants to Run for Office to Become a Legislator

“You do not support politicians during elections if the only aim of the politician is to seek a higher salary or to stay in office. You vote for people who are going to do the best damn job for Liberians.”

What is it that Representative Saah Joseph wants to do as a Senator that he could not do as a Representative of Montserrado County?

Representative Saah H. Joseph, a member of the struggling ruling party, who holds or held a position on the planning and economic affairs committee that deals with banking and currency, wants to become Senator of Montserrado.

The People should say no to a sitting member of the House of Representative who wants to create yet another election by vacating his or her seat!

Children openly shitting in public areas in Monrovia.

While many Liberians will thank Rep. Saah Joseph for transporting donated ambulances from their origins to a location in Seattle, Washington and eventually to Liberia during the Ebola crisis, we must recognize and understand that as a representative, he is still being rewarded with a position of power and can continue to make a difference in Liberia.

As a sitting representative, Hon. Saah Joseph’s decision to run for another elected position will only create a vacancy in District #13 and lead to another costly election. Remember, CDC inherited a broken economy. Montserrado could use that money to improve sanitation and public latrines in various communities. Children are openly defecating in public places simply because Senators and Representatives of the county have failed to deliver on promises.

True Democracy is when the poor uses their constitutional power to decide who should rule them, rather than men using money and political power to decide for them.

As a member of the committee dealing with currency, where was Saah Joseph, as the Ministry of Finance and Planning along with the Central Bank of Liberia increased the number of Liberian Dollars on the market? An increase, we are witnessing today, that is causing severe hardship for the poor who voted CDC into power.

Liberian Representative Saah Joseph is running to become a Liberian Senator.

Here we go again – another CDCian, Saah Joseph, now wants to hold a position which his predecessor and political champion held for four years but failed to deliver any measurable outcomes for Montserrado County.

We are thankful to Senator Varney Sherman and others who have recognized and decided to close the loophole/sheer foolishness in Liberia’s Constitution and the electoral process. A loophole which allows a sitting member of the legislative branch to compete for another position in the legislative branch.

The people of District #13 should elect a female senator or a non-CDCian, not only because it creates the right balance of power within the executive and legislative branches, but because it creates diversity, makes Liberia strong, and it is the right thing to do.

Again, what is it that Representative Saah Joseph wants to do as a Senator that he could not do as a Representative of Montserrado County?

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