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Only Macdella Cooper can make Montserrado County work again for the people

By A. Randolph Kemokai

Another election is on the corner (or has just ended) and presents yet another opportunity for the people of Montserrado County, Liberia to make a decision that would either increase their suffering or reduce it or open an avenue of progress. The air is pregnant with a lot—hope and danger. The truth is the election offers a unique opportunity to get a person in the government who can help save the county and contribute to the pro-poor agenda, which this government has set out to do for the Liberian people.

Montserrado County is very special for many reasons—it is the county where the capital city is situated, where the government resides, the most developed part of our country, the active commercial area in the country is in the county. It is mostly an urban county although there are rural parts of the county. But these are not what altogether that makes the county important. The importance of the county can be found in the fact that if it were to be developed then such will influence development in other parts of the country, making Liberia not to be the same anymore. Moreover, that is why the by-election is very crucial for everyone in the county.

Development is the main word here and the major focus of this article, but it cannot happen overnight. It wouldn’t happen by itself, but human beings drive development and set themselves the job of helping to change their environment. In most instances, for development to take place, it has to take a serious leadership which will put the people together behind a common goal and keep them focus on achieving the common goal. This is what makes the by-election a make or break situation for Montserrado County. Either the candidate which will be elected will drive the county on the road to success or will drive it fast into failure. Whichever way, there are two roads apart here—the people of the county must decide and decide in good faith. 

As we move to the by-election, a host of candidates have been campaigning for votes and for our support. The ruling party has produced a candidate so as the opposition. The two have all walked us through how they love the county and would give back bigly if either of them become the winner. In an election, there is hardly a politician who doesn’t love the people. Even the most hateful of them would claim loves the people when votes are up for grab.  So their talk is not surprising but a part of the normal talk during election.

At this moment, Montserrado County deserves none other than the best. If the country must rise to the creed of our forefathers, it will only happen if we don’t settle for good but the best among the people eyeing the senatorial seat. As I will say to explain my position on this matter, the worst sickness deserves the best cure and the most qualified medical doctor to treat. Failure to do so would lead to a huge loss. This the case of the county which is expected to have a new senator in the coming weeks.

The question then will be asked if it is not Darius Dillion or Paulita Wie then who must be given the mandate to serve. However, I am aware that there has been this attitude of certain media persons to just reduce the race between two persons—so-called frontrunners. This they try to do to limit the choice of the people between two persons of the same character. Many at time the people are denied of a fair coverage of the candidates so as to choose a leader of their choice based on sufficient information. This is happening again in the by-lection. Thank God this time our people are wise and wouldn’t be won over by such trick.

Liberia: Senatorial Candidate MacDella Cooper left with former U.S. President Bill Clinton

My choice for the senate and the person I am asking the people of Montserrado County to vote for in the upcoming by-election is Madame Macdella Cooper. She has the requisite experience, knowledge, passion, and platform to deliver. This is a lady who is well-schooled and would be a great addition in the senate to make our county to work again. She is our only choice for a developed and prosperous county.

Long before she even wanted to be senator, Madame Cooper has given back to the county and country in a big way— an orphanage home, foundation, scholarship for less-fortunate young people, a host of lobbying activities for local NGOS and bringing investments in the country, and others too many to list. She did all those without power and the usual influence that comes with it. If she can do these without power, given the authority to her means she can deliver bigger ones as she has nothing but love and commitment to change the county for the people and for better.

Our people must choose and choose wisely. The candidate of the opposition refused to go to school, but he wants to serve in a capacity that only people who have education and serious knowledge should serve. Are you kidding me in this day and age, look at the person the opposition is presenting as an alternative? Besides, the man has no professional knowledge that would guide him while he serves. On the other hand, Paulita Wie is totally inexperienced and lacks the knowledge needed to be a senator. She got no vision and wants to ride on the popularity of the CDC. The problem here is that riding on the popularity of the party is dangerous because such person would end up failing which will affect the party.

People of Montserrado County and Liberians at large, Madame Cooper is the magic. The best and final deal. On the gender issue, she is strong. On matters of transparency, she will be at the front of it. On development issues, she will use her lobbying skills to attract investments that will help to reduce unemployment. There is a lot she wants to do and can do, but she cannot do so when she doesn’t have the power. It is one thing to lobby and bring investments. It is another thing for them to be accepted, especially when people in authority push them around. With the power, Madame Cooper can put Montserrado County to work again.  

About the Author:

A. Randolph Kemokai is a youth and student activist at the United Methodist University reading sociology with an emphasis in education. He can be contacted at +23177567305,

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