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Over a 1,000 people protested in Germany against Evil Libya’s slave action

Young Sub Sahara African lined up on the ground in the sun to be sold or misused.

LONDON, UK —Activists and others in Germany continued to shame corrupt and rogue sub-Sahara African leaders whose silence against the wickedness of the evil Libyan empire against black African migrants treated like animals and sold as slaves.

In Libya, Blacks are jammed packed in warehouses

Activists in Europe say they want concrete action from sub-Sahara African leaders, many of whom fear any tough measures against Libya might make them not to benefit from bribery from the Libyan government.  Reliable sources have hinted that the Libyan interim administration has allegedly begun to silence sub-Sahara African leaders to prevent criticisms.

Sometime in November this year, a protest was organized by the Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment – PEACE International in Germany urging swift and tangible action to punish Libya since a failure to do so would embolden other Arab nations.

Christian migrants are crucified in Libya, yet rogue sub-Sahara African leaders are mute.

Libya is not the other Arab Muslim nation where non-Arabs and Christians are subjugated to slavery, death, and other harms.   In Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and many more Arab states, Christians, and blacks who work as maids and housekeepers are enslaved and treated as animals.


#Africa – Libya: About 1000 and more people, more than 90% from the #African / #Black Communities in #Germany, heeded to the call for a demonstration AGAINST THE #ENSLAVEMENT, #RAPES, #TORTURES AND #KILLINGS OF BLACKS IN LYBIA, yesterday 25th November 2017; Begin: In front of the Libyan Embassy Location: Podbielskiallee 42, D-14195 Berlin. It was a powerful coming together of #Africans and a symbolic reunion for a greater cause. The struggle against slavery continues and is not over yet.

Posted by Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment – PEACE International on Sunday, November 26, 2017

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