Pearl Brown-Bull’s shocking and reckless talk about AU, ECOWAS

Pearl Brown – Bull


Politics may seem like fun and a game to others, but when it is the medium for inflicting pain and suffering, it is no fun and a game to poor and struggling people, especially in a nation like Liberia where heartless politicians have not only abused and subjugated the masses to hardship and disease but have imposed years of bloodshed on their communities.

This is why the recent reckless and trash talking remarks against the visit of the chairpersons of the African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) from one Pearl Brown-Bull, someone who calls herself a learned lawyer, is utterly shocking and categorically disgraceful.

Pearl Brown-Bull is quoted as saying that Liberia is a sovereign state or nation and so the AU and ECOWAS have no business to interfere. This is not just an absolute nonsense and rubbish coming from someone that her country looks up to as a dignified and respectable stateswoman; the entire logic and reasoning behind the utterance are beneath the dignity of a lawyer, or a former official of government, and it is an affront to the intelligence of the Liberian people and West Africa in general.

According to several media outlets, and specifically Bush Chicken media report:

[Pearl Brown–Bull spoke to journalists on Friday at the Supreme Court before the start of arguments into Liberty Party’s writ of prohibition to halt the 2017 presidential runoff election between the Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change.

She noted that Liberia is a sovereign nation with a judicial branch that is “is not involved in politics.”

As a founding member of organizations like ECOWAS, the Mano River Union, and the African Union (whose predecessor organization, the Organization of African Unity, was founded in Sanniquellie, Nimba), Brown-Bull said Liberia should not be running to other countries to help it resolve its problems.

“Such decision to call on African countries is an insult to Liberia,” Brown-Bull said.”].

The question is: When did Pearl Brown-Bull know that the visit and interference of the African Union and ECOWAS are an insult to Liberia? Where was Pearl Brown-Bull when the African Union was sending tons of resources, and when ECOWAS’ troops were dying just to restore peace and tranquility to Liberia when the likes of her thrown Liberia into a mess? Where was Pearl Brown–Bull when the United Nations, AU, and ECOWAS were initiating, facilitating and financing activities that brought about peace to Liberia while at the same time feeding Liberians?

Video: Courtesy of Bush Chicken

ECOWAS -ECOMOG soldiers protecting fleeing civilians in Liberia 1990s

Pearl Brown-Bull needs to understand that these loose and reckless utterances have no place in any serious and highly risky socio-political discourse that has national, regional and international consequences. Electoral disagreements and debates are serious and risky business, they are not an arena for cheap, loose and reckless talks.

If Pearl Brown-Bull does not know the function and rationale for the existence of international and regional inter-governmental organizations, she should keep quiet rather than expose her ignorance. For one to call themselves a lawyer and a signatory to a country’s constitution and yet question why the AU and ECOWAS chairpersons are in Liberia––a near fragile state, and a member state of the instruments establishing those organizations is a serious reason to not only question such law degree he or she possesses, but their professional and career fitness.

Apart from conducting investigative journalism, one of the roles of Globe Afrique is to expose and hold accountable various political, social and economic actors in Africa who are bent on deriding progress on the continent. Certainly, the latest remarks from Pearl Brown–Bull makes her fit that bill as one of such people.  Talking trash talks just because one or two journalists recognize you is no license for making unwarranted statements that jeopardize the fate of a nation internationally.  It is hope that Pearl Brown- Bull will understand the limits of her empty and loose talk going forward in a crisis in which the future of more than 4 million people is at stake.

After all, the AU, ECOWAS and the United Nations have a right to intervene in Liberia because when hell breaks loose the likes of Pearl Brown–Bull will not only grab a foreign travel document, head for an unknown lucrative location, they will keep mute. There and then, it will be the leaders of the AU and ECOWAS that will be struggling to find a solution.  Hence, Pearl Brown–Bull needs to shut up!! Her latest comments about the visit of the leadership of the African Union and ECOWAS to intervene in the self-made political crisis in Liberia is not surprising—but her deliberate inflammation of the tense situation is also no less stunning.

ECOWAS – ECOMOG peacekeeping soldiers on patrol and comforting a Liberian child when Pearl Brown-Bull was probably eating fried chicken in a Western country after fleeing.  Why did she ask the AU and ECOWAS to stay out then? While did she say Liberia was a soveriegn nation then?
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