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Trump’s administration may assist in reclaiming Liberia’s stolen wealth

The incoming Attorney General of the U.S. government, Senator Jeff Session (Republican) of Alabama, may assist Liberia in reclaiming stolen wealth from the country by past and current officials of government.  This effort may extend to all international banking institutions where Liberian officials, past and present, have deposited stolen assets obtained without proper accountability or proof of tangible investments.

A home said to belong to a Liberian minister in the state of Maryland

Plans are underway to initiate the effort if the Attorney General is confirmed. Per sources, a Liberian money laundry and anti-corruption group is pursuing the efforts, and has begun collecting data and obtaining photos of homes owned by past and current Liberian officials in the U.S.

Homes owned by Liberian politicians in the U.S.

The research group also wants to publish names of Africans, including Liberians, who are American citizens and have earned millions of dollars in income, but have not paid federal and state’s income tax in the United States.

By law, all U.S. citizens are obligated to pay state and federal taxes, but many Africans with U.S. citizenship earned millions in African nations without paying taxes.

Additionally, Liberian officials have deposited huge sums of money into western banks, including financial institutions in the Cayman Island and Panama since 2006.

Nations like Nigeria have demonstrated seriousness in recouping stolen assets, but Liberia has not shown seriousness.

Unlike Liberia, the Nigerian government has recovered more than $700 million with Switzerland’s assistance since 1999. Reason being the Nigerian leaderships are serious about ending corruption while Liberia is not.

Home said to belong to a Liberian official in the U.S., who before 2006, had no asset.

There is also a current research underway to trace the wealth and assets, including homes, of Liberian officials in the United States, Canada and the UK.

Swiss Banking arena where African leaders keep stolen wealth

In the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, research sources have established ownership of million dollars homes that belong to Liberian officials who served in government as recent as 2006.  In Minnesota, some current Liberian officials owned homes  worth half million dollars.   Research data also showed that officials of the Liberian ministry of finance and the Liberian legislature are among officials with luxury residences where their families live and are supported directly from Liberia.



Some analysts say if Trump only helps Africa fight corruption, graft and greed, that would be far better than sending aid that does not benefit majority of the people on the continent.  Considered a strict shooter, President-elect Trump is poised to make a difference in Africa by holding African leaders accountable to their people and the international community.

imagesnltx8h4m                                                               U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump, Sr.

Coming up – names of Liberian officials with homes and assets in the United States.  The value of their assets and location of their families will also be revealed. In addition, the number of times they have wired money to their families and the banks they have accounts in will also be provided.

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