Sirleaf Confused; Switches Support to a New Presidential Candidate

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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New York ––As international condemnation mounts, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in the process of switching her political support to the candidacy of Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. in the last few days to the presidential poll which takes place on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Globe Afrique has learned that the Liberian leader is currently in a confused state of mind. Worrying about the future of she and her family’s fate after January 2018 when she turns over power to a newly elected president after the October 10 presidential election,  and the Liberian leader is debating whether her desire to wield political influence in her post-presidency by supporting a non-so-accomplished candidate or change course and support a candidate that would give her a free pass.

Sirleaf who has reneged on supporting her ruling party and her vice president of 12 years, has been accused of switching her support from one opposition presidential candidate to the next in the last few months of the campaign season in Liberia.

Alexander B. Cummings, Jr.

Eyewitnesses and credible sources have confirmed that the outgoing Liberian leader had initially pledged her fullest financial and political support to the presidential ticket of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) led by former soccer star George Manneh Weah and Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, the wife of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, jailed in the UK for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to reliable sources, the Liberian leader has now temporarily switched her support to former Coca-Cola executive Alexander B. Cummings, Jr., the political leader and presidential candidate of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), in less than three days to the election.

This last-minute turnaround by the Liberian leader is as a result of sustained international pressure, condemnations and threats of possible support for an international arrest warrant and prosecution against the Liberian leader and members of her administration for economic and other crimes.

The ANC’s leader, Cummings, has yet to accept the support of the Liberian leader considering that there are just two days to the presidential poll, according to the source.

A senior international political analyst in New York say the Liberian leader has tainted her international image and character as a unifying and forward-looking leader. “She supposed to have to lay low and see the country’s process unfolds, but switching from one candidate to another and forming an alliance with a man like Charles Taylor to obstruct a political transition have left a dangerous stain on her legacy,” he added.

Globe Afrique has also learned that a number of African leaders, including the president of the Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, have given compelling warning to the Liberian leader against associating with Charles Taylor in undermining the Liberian transition process.

Sources say both President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and Alpha Conde of Guinea are said to be very unhappy with the Liberian leader.

Meanwhile, elements within the opposition groups in Kenya where the Liberian leader intends to temporary live as well as transfer some of her key financial assets, such as the headquarters of International Bank (formerly the International Trust Company of Liberia, a Liberian government financial institution linked to the country’s maritime program which she and her family took over since coming to power), when she leaves office have vowed to deny her a stay in their country when they assume power after the rerun presidential vote between incumbent president Uruhu Kenyatta and the main opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Some Liberians are disturbed by the president’s actions, saying, she has polarized the entire electoral process, making it hard for her to deserve any level of respect as an elderly state woman after her term as president of Liberia.

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