President Sirleaf Undermines Boakai, Cummings, Brumskine, Urey and others

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her son, Robert Sirleaf

New York —Globe Afrique has reliably learned that outgoing Liberian president, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her son Robert A. Sirleaf, have embarked on a negative propaganda campaign against certain presidential candidates in the 10 October 2017’s presidential election.

In a purported dossier of information and photos sent to Globe Afrique Media and Communications, there is insinuation that Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has fallen off and had been rushed to Accra, Ghana by a private plane for treatment where his condition remains unknown.

As Globe Afrique investigates, the intent of the senders was to confused Liberians about the medical and physical status of the vice president who is believed to be in an excellent health condition and is currently touring Nimba County and counties in south-eastern Liberia where he is said to have overwhelming support.

A fake or doctored photo that is allegedly used by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s and Charles Taylor’s PR team against Vice President Boakai. The group intended to put this fake photo on social media to confuse voters.  President Sirleaf hates the VP for fear that he knows about all the money she and her cronies have allegedly stolen and that he will audit and prosecute them in court.

The campaign against the vice president is alleged to have been engineered, financed and conducted by President Sirleaf and her son Robert A. Sirleaf, both of whom are against the candidacy of the vice president and the rest of the other candidates, especially Cummings, Brumskine, Urey and Mills Jones.

The senders of the propaganda piece against the vice president sent a photo depicting the vice president as ill but Globe Afrique investigation uncovered the facts that the information is false and misleading.

In a related development, a purported letter signed by former Liberian president and ex-warlord, Charles Taylor, husband of Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, was also sent to Globe Afrique accusing Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party as someone who had been against Liberian Muslims in the past. During Globe Afrique’s investigation, it was also discovered that the allegation is unfounded and is a propaganda piece intended to damage the Liberty Party’s leader good relationship with Liberian Muslims, a group which seems to give him (Brumskine) an unprecedented support.

According to Globe Afrique’s research and analysis, individuals allegedly financed by President Sirleaf and Charles Taylor are also seeking to taint the reputation of Mr. Alexander Cummings, referring to him as a ‘gay’ man with the intent of turning the religious community against his candidacy (Cummings is happily married with a family and has never been a gay in his life even though he supports the rights of all citizens including those who he disagrees with), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones and Businessman Benoni Urey. The president is allegedly accusing Urey of using Charles Taylor’s wealth for his personal gains. Globe Afrique also found out that the information is a propaganda against Urey’s presidency and it comes directly from individuals connected to the Liberian leader.

The propaganda team for the president includes former and current officials within her administration.  Some are said to be out of the country in other capacities but are masterminding these undertakings with direct input from the president herself and her son Robert Sirleaf, who seeks to replace George Weah as Montserrado County’s senator on the CDC’s ticket should a Weah presidency becomes a reality.   According to inside sources, President Sirleaf is very serious about ensuring that Robert Sirleaf becomes a senator and later on as vice president of Liberia in a future Weah’s second term.

Key Contenders – from upper left to right, Boakai, Weah, Brumskine, Urey, Mills Jones and Cummings

Meanwhile, Globe Afrique sources learned that President Sirleaf is mainly focused on damaging the chances of Vice President Boakai, Cummings, Brumskine, Mills Jones and Urey (five main candidates considered as educated, experienced and electable) and she is doing whatever she can to ensure that the vice president does not even make it to the second round of the electoral process should there be one.

Globe Afrique has also learned that President Sirleaf is allegedly calling African leaders to speak ill of the vice president. Some African leaders are said to be against the attitude of the Liberian president. Sources close to a West African leader confirmed that President Sirleaf was rebuked and considered as “unreasonable and strange” by one African leader.  She has also tried to convince former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo against the candidacy of certain presidential candidates, especially Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Globe Afrique gathered information that during the president’s recent visit to Nairobi, Kenya where she seeks to live after her presidency for fear of investigation into corruption and possible involvement and support for the Liberian war and its spill-over into Sierra Leone, she decided to badmouth her vice president and other presidential candidates, including Alexander Cummings, Jr., Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, Benoni Urey, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine among others.

A fake or doctored letter that is allegedly used by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s and Charles Taylor’s PR team against Cllr. Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party.  The group intended to put this fake letter on social media to confuse voters that Brumskine hates Muslims when his campaign Chairman Musa Bility is a Muslim along with other prominent Muslims as executives in the party. Some of Brumskine’s best friends are Muslims and that includes past legal clients and business associates.  There is no way he can oppose Muslims in any way, form and shape. 

Globe Afrique has reliably learned that the Liberian leader also confided in some African leaders during the recently held United Nations General Assembly in New York that she would prefer a presidential candidate that she can have tremendous influence over––someone who does not know the inner working of the international community so that they will look up to her for leadership, guidance and contacts in dealing with and addressing global and African issues, mainly when it comes to international development and economic assistance to Liberia.

In another development, former Liberian president Charles Taylor has instructed his longtime surrogates to support the political campaign of his wife and the Coalition for Democratic Change. Hence, Infamous war monger Kuku Dennis and others are currently assisting the CDC obtain state power. Kuku Dennis is currently campaigning in southeastern Liberia on behalf of the CDC.  This association seems to put the good image of former Liberian soccer legend at odd with many in the international community.

A US Congressional member informed Globe Afrique that Liberians are going to determine their own future going forward and that would depend on whether they can demonstrate to the American people and the world that they prefer poverty, illiteracy, hardship and backwardness by electing incompetent and inexperienced leaders, or that they would prefer to see a better and improved Liberia that will gain the respect it deserves internationally by electing competent, well-educated and experienced leaders.

Adding, “The American people will not continue to help a country and people that make bad decisions for themselves based on uninformed behaviors.  If the Liberian people, who are free to elect whoever they want decide to make bad decisions, then they should be ready to live with the consequences later on”

Liberia relies heavily on international assistance from the United States, other western governments and the international community.  As President Sirleaf leaves, the country is said to be in a position of economic weakness, as millions of dollars have been stolen and deposited into foreign banks in individual accounts.  In addition, the government has been borrowing money and obtaining risky loans from several international organizations and financial institutions for projects with no meaningful impact.

Some of the projects have not even taken off and others only exist in name and on paper while the funds have already been squandered.  For example, an $18 million road construction project contract awarded to a Nigerian ex-soldier has yet to be started.  Meanwhile, the soldier, Tony Lawal has escaped Liberia and return to his native country Nigeria from where he accused prominent Liberians of embezzling the funds provided for the Bella Yallah – Lofa County road project.

Several international human rights groups in western nations would campaign against Liberia should a Taylor-favored government succeeds in governing Liberia. Liberians are therefore left with a huge risk in deciding the 10 October 2017 presidential election.

One international human rights group based in the United States has already started a potential campaign preparation against the interference of Charles Taylor’s influence in the Liberian political process. The influential human rights group say they would impress upon the US Congress to limit aid to Liberia if Liberians decide to support an administration and candidates with Taylor’s blueprint and influence, or an administration in which Taylor has direct connection and related ties.

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