President Sirleaf’s Game Plan: A Strategic but Malicious Gamble

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

MY TURN: Next after the Dutch Merchant of Death, Gus Kouwenhoven, comes Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Mother of the NPFL’s rebel army who was the chief architect and confessed mastermind of the 14-year Liberian genocidal holocaust.

The first lawsuit that will hit Madam Sirleaf will come from the Sierra Leone war victims who are seeking $20 million from her in damages. Then the suit of Liberian war victims will follow.  We also believe that she might face charges in the murder of the five American Catholic nuns and cold-blooded murder of Thomas Sankara, the late president of Burkina Faso.

In the meantime, my confidential sources in the US intelligence have confirmed that the former Defense Minister of the NPFL’s rebel army, Mr. Tom Woewiyu who the US authorities placed under house arrest in Philadelphia will go on trial February 26, 2018, in Philadelphia for falsifying his US immigration application about his past that he never committed human rights abuses and war crimes.

Remember Tom Woewiyu’s historic 2005 Open Letter to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in which he detailed and described Ellen’s role as the “Commander-In-Chief of the NPFL rebel fighters” and Ellen’s famous orders to General Charles Taylor to “level Monrovia and we will rebuild it.”

The chickens are now coming home to roost and American crime investigator and prosecutor Allan White who put Charles Taylor in jail for life/50 years are waiting for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to become ex/former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for a continuation of his mission to rid Liberia of former killers.

This is why the road to the Liberian presidency passes through Washington as I have been warning Liberian voters.

As for CDC hopeful and his promise to ” protect Ellen Johnson” from war crimes and corruption prosecutions, it is just simply a ploy to get money from Ellen for his presidential campaign. In Liberia, we call it “da for-nothing money” as there are no checks, no receipts; all cash…gone, gone.

NOW, this may shock Liberians, the Mano River Union, ECOWAS, the African Union, the European Union, the United Nations but not America.

Confidential, diplomatic and intelligence sources both in Liberia and here in Washington are hearing chatter that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is planning to “CREATE” conditions or a manufactured crisis in early January (next month) to justify imposing a “State of Emergency” in the event the current election impasse doesn’t produce a president-elect in her choice, George Weah.

Liberians need to hear me out before denouncing me. The manufactured crisis could take the forms of a “fake coup plot ” or staged political uprising by paid saboteurs who may result in other forms unacceptable activities to create unrest.

This will be even before the scheduled constitutional transfer of power on January 15, 2018, to abort the transfer if the runoff elections continue to drag on.

The next in line, according to the constitution would be the new Speaker of the House to be elected by his colleagues around January 8, 9 or 10, 2018.  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is operating on two fronts here: Make Fonati Koffa speaker by spending about one million dollars or if that does not work, then create chaos for the state of emergency to work in her favor.

If President Sirleaf imposes the State of Emergency, she then dictates the election runoff and may extend the State of Emergency for 12 months.

Liberians should pay heed to my warning. Do not underestimate President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Just ask Charles Taylor, Tom Woewiyu, Harry Greaves, Samuel Doe, Jackson Doe, Thomas Quiwonkpa, Moses Duopo, Sam Dokie, the Krahn political prisoners currently detained at the Monrovia Central Prison, Michael Allison and those 250,000 Liberians who perished in the 14-year civil war. You have been warned. More to come.

Editor’s Note:  The view expressed herein are the opinion of the author.  They are no way represent the position of Globe Afrique.

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Jerry Wehtee Wion

Jerry Wehtee Wion is a veteran Liberian journalist and political commentator. His work experience includes serving as a former radio announcer and sports journalist for the ELWA radio in Liberia, press commentator to the Liberian presidency (1980- 1981), and as a staffer with the Associated Press in New York. He is currently based in Washington, DC and runs an informative call-in Liberian news hotline known as LANSNews.
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