DELAWARE, UNITED STATES – May 1, 2018, Mother Anna Weah Dream Foundation (the Dream Foundation) formally announced that it has obtained a business license and is pursuing plans to incorporate as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States of America. Madam Margaret Mahyupleh Pennon will be leading the Organization as its Chief Executive Officer.

The Dream Foundation has formed a founding Board of Directors and is beginning to expand its staff by adding volunteers in the U.S. and Liberia, with the team in Liberia being headed by Mr. Sylvester S. Yarpah.

To support the development of the Organization, the Dream Foundation has hired Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams, a well-known public policy professional with experience in strategic management, job creation, and workforce development, along with Mr. Lawrence K. Kennedy, an Adjunct Professor with extensive experience in developing public and private organizations.

The Dream Foundation’s mission is to bring permanent solutions to infant and maternal mortality in rural Liberia and find long-lasting solutions to end poverty, promote agriculture as a means to eradicate food scarcity and provide educational opportunities to rural communities in Liberia.

“I am truly excited for our organization and believe with the strength and blessing of our Almighty God that we will succeed in helping our people in towns and villages throughout Liberia,” said Madam Margaret M. Pennon.

Please visit the Organization’s website to learn more about the work they will be doing in Liberia.

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