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River Gee County Association in the Americas (RIGCAA) Concludes Successful Convention in Atlanta, GA

WASHINGTON, DC – River Gee County Association in the Americas (RiGCAA) concluded a well-attended convention ceremony that lasted from June 14 – 16, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The occasion began with a traditional welcome cola session held on Friday, June 14.

Business session was held on Saturday morning, June 15, followed by a fundraiser ball held on Saturday night for the county’s several unspecified projects.

According to the organizers, more than $7,000 United States dollars was raised by more than 150 guests who attended the fundraiser.

The program and ceremony was graced by Representative Francis S. Dopoh, II, chairman of the River Gee County Legislative caucus in the Liberian Legislature. 

During the cookout

On Sunday, June 16, a farewell cookout was held in Brisco park in Snellville, Georgia.

Honorable Dopoh II, a former senior official at the Liberian Ministry of Finance, also served as the keynote Speaker during the program.

Representative Dopoh, II urged the citizens of River Gee County in the Americas to continue to forge unity as well as develop a vision for and committed to economic and social development in the county.

Honorable Dopoh, II said:

“For eighteen years, River Gee County has struggles with development, because we as a people have not come up with a cleared developmental agenda that will domesticate and or compliment the National Agenda. What we have being doing is the show of strength, manipulations of our various religious, political, and traditional platforms to the glory not of God, but men of greed; intercourse with sycophancy and cowardliness.”

“We must compromise personal interest against group interest, and strive to eliminate Greed, Cowardliness, and Sycophancy, if not quarantine them at a point of insignificant negative impact on River Gee Development.”

In July of 2018; The Citizens of River Gee County at a Special County Development Sitting as Required by the Budget Laws of Liberia, advanced these Developmental Proposals:

  1. Support to Agriculture – Purchase of tools, chemicals and seeds;
  2. Support to county based students – Financial Aid to students in 12th- grade;
  3. Parking Station – The Construction of a parking Station in Fish Town
  4. Women & Youth Empowerment – Provide Skilled Training Program
  5. Support to Disabled Community – Establish programs to empower the disable;
  6. Support to Marketers – Construction & Renovation of Market Halls
  7. Improve Road Conditions in the County – Construction & Rehabilitation of Feeder Roads (Glaro, Tienpo, Nyenabo, Potupo Districts);
  8. Support to Health Care Delivery Services – Construction of Clinics Purchase of needed Equipment;
  9. Support to County Youth – Construction & Renovation of Youth Centers
  10. Support to students at tertiary institutions – Provide and increase the current financial aid;
  11. Fish Town City Expansion – The Construction of a bridge to link the new Fish Town.;

The Lawmaker said River Gee County has investment opportunities in the areas of:

  1. Agriculture:
    1. Rice, Palm, Cocoa, Cassava, Husbandry, fishery, vegetables, etc.
  2. Logging
    1. Round log and timber processing for papers and furniture
  3. Mining
  4. Gold, Diamond and precious stones
  5. Electricity Generation
  6. Solar energy, dam creation, etc.
  7. Tourism and travel
    1. Hotels,
    1. Resorts
    1. Transportation by land, air, and waterways
  8. Low income housing facilities

The President of RIGCAA, Reverend. Jesse Quenneh, expressed gratitude to the attendees for the commitment to work for a better and united River Gee County.  He thanked Representative Dopoh, II and praised him for his leadership of the county’s legislative caucus and his vision for a better and unified River Gee.

During the conference, officials of RIGCAA under the dynamic leadership of its new president, Reverend Jesse Quenneh, expressed interest in supporting the notion of establishing a River Gee County Economic Development Corporation as a public-private partnership and nonprofit social enterprise to support development and investment efforts in the county.

Soon to be established, the county’s economic development corporation will complement and partner with the county’s government to create jobs, lure private investments and facilitate economic development activities throughout the county.

Honorable Francis S. Dopoh, II and Reverend Jesse Quenneh

River Gee County is located in south eastern Liberia and has produced a good number of prominent and educated Liberians including the late renowned journalist, writer and activist Tarty Teh, the late veteran Information Minister G. Henry Andrews, the former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Liberia and executive director of the U.S.-based International Justice Group, Counselor Jerome Verdier, Sr., the current Dean of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia,Counselor Nagbalee Warner, singer Naomi Cojolo, the Administrator of the State of Maryland’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and state administrator of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics programs in Maryland, Jones Nhinson Williams, former Justice Minister Frederick Cherue, the former executive director of the National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization and Rehabilitation (NCDDR) in Liberia Dr. Moses C.T. Jarbo, scientist and inventor Dr. Dugbeh Chris Nyan, veteran politician Senator Conmany Wesseh, public health professor Dr. Taiyee Quenneh, regional security expert and a former associate director at the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Institute in Ghana Dr. Thomas Jaye, Solicitor General Sayma Syrenius Cephus, Activist Kirkpatrick Weah, Community Organizer and Leader Michael Hanson, Passport Director of Liberia Andrew D. Wonploe, Sr., popular syndicated online talk show host, Elphinstone Birch, publisher and managing editor of the Analyst Newspaper in Liberia Stanley Seakor, Montserrado County senatorial candidate on the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) ticket Madam Paulita Wie, among others.

The County will establish several partnerships with cities and states in the United States as well as with groups in Canada, Israel and Europe.

According to the President of RIGCCA, every effort will be made to ensure that there is unity of purpose in the county. He called on all citizens of the county, especially those in the Diaspora to desist from any activities that would derail unity and development in the county.

Map of Liberia

Since assuming the leadership of the association, President Jesse Quenneh has embarked on a listening, unity and outreach mission, a move which has endeared many people to his leadership.

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