Sarima Creations unveils luxury menswear and womenswear during the company’s launch and fashion show

By Joel Cholo Brooks

Sarima Creations, the Ashburn, Virginia-based online fashion sale, and clothing company, which specializing in Ankara print fabric designed in both western and non-western styles, was officially launched on Sunday at the Nouvelle Building at the Tysons Corner’s Mall environment in Northern Virginia, some fifteen minutes from Washington, D.C.

The clothing designs were fantastic, unique, and elegant. Several persons at the show acknowledged that Sarima Creations’ luxury and ordinary menswear and womenswear and its medium and plus-size jumpsuit, T-shirts, and children’s clothes are so damn good and such that it does not matter what one wears underneath.

“I am happy that finally, the company was launched with poise and finesse,” Mrs. Woroma Barbara Williams, the company’s CEO said while acknowledging the time and efforts invested and the tremendous support from family and friends to ensure the realization of the fashion show and the official launch of the company.

Sarima Creations’ CEO Mrs. Woroma Barbara Williams speaking on stage at the Nouvelle Building in Tysons Corner

The theme for the launch: “Sarima Creations Launches Sustainable Fashion” was reflected in the high quality but simple designs displayed – from official dress-up clothing to casual wears.

The entire launch and fashion show were made possible with the effort of a well-coordinated team that worked tirelessly to put together a well-designed program. The music, decorations, and models were gorgeous and classic.

The food, drinks, and ambiance were excellent.  Sarima Creations’ launch as an upcoming top-notch clothing and fashion company exceeded initial expectations.  All the key ingredients to a good and responsible fashion were fulfilled.

Under the coordination of the company’s CEO, Mrs. Williams, everyone who was part of the planning for the launching ceremony worked together to make the event successful.

The fashion show’s models – both females and males – were spotless, gorgeous, and professional. Each model matched well with the designs being shown. They also had the right walks and depicted the right mood with each design. The overall choreography fostered a connection between Sarima Creations’ brand and the presentation – combining the music and the movements of the models.

The lightening was of superior quality, and the sound crews knew how to efficiently work with the models such that it created the right atmosphere for the show.  

Sarima Creations’ produces and sells premium quality material or high-quality clothes.  Telling Sarima Creations’ story, CEO Woroma Barbara Williams revealed a story about the company’s beginning that connects with Sarima Creations’ multifaceted target audience.

CEO Woroma Barbara Williams thanked all those who graced the program – the models, her family and friends, church members from Capital Church in Leesburg Pike, Northern Virginia, dignitaries, and all.  She specifically acknowledged Mrs. Winifred “Winnie” Nwankwo of Michigan and Ms. Dorothy Uwanikone of Northern Virginia for their cherished friendship and support as she begins this new historic task of leading a unique and sustainable fashion brand.

While Sarima Creations also designs other types of western and African clothing, its niche area or specialty is in designing clothing with Ankara print.

Ankara refers to a method that is used to create prints on fabric. It is usually printed on 100% cotton and features bright colors and interesting patterns that often characterize unique African clothing.  According to research and reliable sources, the method of creating Ankara prints is influenced by Batik.

In the recent period, Ankara has become a global trend and the colorful fabric that is now revolutionizing international fashion.     

It has become the preferred choice of the rich and celebrities due to the elegant creativity of the designers who specialize and promote Ankara fashion. Industry insiders say Ankara; the distinctive African print fabric has now transformed from cultural attire to a thrilling wardrobe that everyone must-have, especially right now that the spotlight is on Africa.

Models take the stage
A male model in Sarima Creations’ casual wear on stage

About Cholo Brooks is an African journalist who previously worked for several international news outlets including the BBC African Service. He is the CEO of the Global News Network which publishes two local weeklies, The Star and The GNN-Liberia Newspapers. He is a member of the Press Union Of Liberia (PUL) since 1986, and several other international organizations of journalists, and is currently contributing to the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation as Liberia Correspondent.

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